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Fujisato in Akita
Location in Akita
Physical characteristics
Area282.13 km²
Population3,245 (as of 2017-05-01)
TreeJapanese Beech (ブナ)
FlowerWisteria (フジ)
BirdBlack Woodpecker (クマゲラ)
Town emblem
Town Hall
Address〒018-3201 秋田県山本郡藤里町藤琴字藤琴8
Telephone☎ 0185-79-2111

Fujisato (藤里町; -machi) is a town in Akita Prefecture. Fujisato was made after multiple mergers of separate villages. Those villages were called Bochu (坊中), Kasuge (粕毛), Fujikoto (藤琴), Osawa (大沢), and Yasaka


On March 31, 1955, the villages of Fujikoto (藤琴村) and Kasuge (粕毛村) merged to form Fujisato Village. On November 1, 1963, Fujisato Village became Fujisato Town.

Fujisato is not serviced by any trains and the only bus goes to Futatsui Station. This means that the only convenient way to get into Fujisato is to go through Futatsui from the 7 highway. All of the exit signs for the area are labeled with Futatsui and Shirakamisan-chi instead of Futatsui and Fujisato, so look out for those road signs. After getting off of the seven, you just turn away from Futatsui, and you're on the road (the 317 highway) that will take you through all of Fujisato and up through the Shirakami Mountains into Aomori.

Roughly one fourth of the Shirakami Mountains World Heritage Site lies in Fujisato's borders. Although the mountains themselves spread out to other parts of the prefecture, Fujisato is the only place in Akita to have an area registered as a part of the world heritage site.


The Komaodori festival dance.
  • Fujikoto Harvest Dance Festival (藤琴豊作踊). Sep. 7-8. At 浅間神社 (Asama Shrine) on the 317 north of town hall. The festival's main attraction is the Komaodori (駒踊り) or Horse Dance. Males from the village ranging from young to old are split into two teams and dressed in fake armor with fake horses. The teams then parade around the village from around 9 AM until 6PM to 8PM, stopping at several locations to do multiple dances. These spots include the mentioned shrine, the Itoku, and an elderly care home. There are many other dances showcased, traditional flute music, and plenty of matsuri food. Adults doing the Komaodori tend to be served sake and beer.


Choushi Waterfall
  • Choushi Waterfall (銚子の滝) One of the waterfalls in the Fujisato area, and the most accessible. This waterfall's special feature is that the area of the fall itself is a dome-like rock structure. While small, the peaceful and secluded area are a great site. Located up a hill near the Shirakami World Heritage Center, you can either park at the museum or drive up and park at an onsen where the road ends.(map)
  • Fujisatokan World Heritage Conservation Center (白神山地世界遺産センター「藤里館」) A building that explains the surrounding Shirakami Mountains World Heritage Site. Has halls which show pictures of different areas of the site, as well as a library and DVDs with information about the region.
    〒018-3201 秋田県山本郡藤里町藤琴字里栗63番地 (map) ☎ 0185-79-3001, Homepage (Japanese)
  • Garou Waterfall (峨瓏の滝) is a waterfall located in Fujisato. Located just down the road from Choushi Waterfall, Garou Waterfall is larger and more accessible than Choushi Waterfall. Garou Waterfall has a parking lot, small shrine, and a lovely little flower garden. If you're in the area, it is worth seeing. In February, the town lights it up purple and blue at night for one week. (map)
  • Subari Dam (素波里ダム) is exactly what it sounds like. A very tall and impressive dam! Located far in the backwoods of Kasuge, Subari Dam offers a beautiful view for anyone on their way to the Suffolk building in Fujisato. You can walk along the top of the dam and also get a good look at Subari lake. 〒018-3205 秋田県山本郡藤里町粕毛清水岱 (map) ☎0185-79-2518


  • Fujisato Choei Ski Area (藤里町営スキー場) While this ski hill might not be the most glamorous hill, it is a very cheap option. Sporting a whole total of one lift, this is just one steep hill. For a half-day pass it is 1,500円 and for an all day pass it is 2,000円. They also offer single use tickets for 200円 each. There is allegedly a separate place for sledding, where once a year there is a sledding event. The rentals are free of charge. Hours are 9 A.M. to 4 P.M. in January, 10 A.M. to 5 P.M. on weekdays in February and 9 A.M. to 5 P.M. on weekends in February. 〒018-3201 秋田県山本郡藤里町藤琴字板清水149-1 (map) (web) ☎ 0185-79-2970
  • Climb Mount Komagatake (駒ヶ岳) Komagatake is the part of the World Heritage Shirakami Mountains. It is not restricted, meaning you are able to climb the mountains without a permit. Before departing, it is wise to use the bathroom at the base of the trail because the trail has no bathrooms. The hike takes around 4 hours, two up and two down. There is a clearing at the top of the mountain which provides great scenery of the surrounding area! Map leads to the closest marker I could find to the start of the trail. (map)
  • Climb Mount Takayama (高山) Takayama is not part of the Shirakami mountains, but is a highly enjoyable hike. If you park at Garou Waterfall, there is a road you walk up through a tunel just south of Garou Waterfall. Walking up that will lead you up Takayama. At its peak, Takayama offers a great view of the mountains of Fujisato, and only takes around 4 to 5 hours to complete. There is only a path up and a path down, which makes it a safe hike for those afraid of getting lost. On the path down, it is steep and narrow in some areas, so walking sideways is reccomended. The path down will put you close to the World Heritage Center, Choshi Waterfall, and Yutoria the onsen. (hike start map)
  • Subari Citizen's Recreation Area (藤里町素波里国民休養地) This park hidden in the forests of the mountains is host to multiple events, but also includes many other fun activities. In addition to the lovely scenery of Lake Subari, you can rent equipment from a building to play ground golf for 200円 a person for unlimited play. There are also tennis courts, paths to walk on, and a campground. While it is somehow even more isolated than Fujisato itself, I think this is the true gem of the town. (map) (web) ☎ 0185-79-2115


While Fujisato is lacking in big name stores, there are several family run stores to pick things up at. If you ever wanted to look like a country side grandma, search no further.

  • Morinoeki (森のえき) Probably the most note worthy shop, Morinoeki is located just in front of the World Heritage Center listed above. Morinoeki is filled to the brim with various gifts and crafts. From stuffed animals made like animals in the Shirakami mountains to hand made wooden crafts from the beech wood that is natural to the area. In addition they also sell fresh produce harvested from Fujisato often at very good prices. It is closed in the winter and on Thursdays. 〒018-3201 秋田県山本郡藤里町藤琴字里栗38-2 (map) (web)



  • Cafe Dake (カフェ岳) A cafe located on the road into Fujikoto. They serve pasta, curry, and fresh waffles. It is open from 11 AM to 5 PM.
  • Fujimiya (ふじみや) Fujimiya is a dining hall used mostly for celebrations. They serve both fresh food and prepared bentos at their parties. The karage is always enjoyable and the soups are delicious.
  • Furusato (ふる里) Furusato is a bar. The master was quite surprised to see a foreigner. The mentaiko pasta comes at a high recommendation.
  • Gonta (ごん太) A very small izakaya. It offers two small tables and a 5 seat bar. Gonta is a pretty standard izakaya, but one standout thing they have are Doritos and salsa. Gonta is located just behind the Toyo Tires.
  • Gonta II (ごん太 II) Sometimes called G2, Gonta 2 is located in the same building as Gonta, but is a karaoke bar.
  • Hanamichi(花道)A small izakaya. It has a bar and two rooms that fit around 8 to 10 people each. The two rooms can be made into one larger room.
  • Ikoi A stylish izakaya
  • Morinoeki The Morinoeki next to the Shirakami museum has a small cafeteria in it. This is one of the two places in Fujisato to get horse meat ramen.
  • Tashiro (たしろ) A restaurant/bar inside the Board of Education building.
  • Yokoya A typical sushi bar

  • Kamoya Closed down as a restaurant in 2016, but still open as a community center. Now often referred to as Kamoyado.
  • Torebian (トレビアン) A small restaurant that was often referred to by the townsfolk as the only one. The main focus is ramen, but they sold a variety of things. It was located on the same road as the town hall and Itoku and was run by a former SDF soldier. They opened the year of the 1964 Summer Olympics, and had their last night on October 31st, 2019.

There's an Itoku grocery store that's open from 9 AM to 9 PM. It is worth noting that it is the first Itoku ever built, as the supermarket chain is a Fujisato-spawned powerhouse.


  • Motoyu Nagominoyu (元湯 和みの湯). Renovated in 2011. Offers two small indoor baths and one rotemburo. Rotemburo rotates from men to womens on a daily basis. The rotemburo offers views on Chōshi no Taki (銚子の滝). Open 9:00-21:00. ¥300. 〒018-3201 秋田県山本郡藤里町藤琴字下湯の沢62 ☎ 0185-79-27104
  • Nōson Kankyō Kaizen Center (農村環境改善センター). Open 9:00-21:00 (closed on Mondays). ¥ 200. 秋田県山本郡藤里町藤琴字下湯の沢16 ☎ 0185-79-1379
  • Shirakamisanroku Fujinose Onsen Ryokan (白神山麓 藤乃瀬温泉旅館). Has a small indoor bath. Open 9:00-21:00. 〒018-3201 秋田県山本郡藤里町藤琴下湯の沢73 ☎ 0185-79-2820
  • Yutoria (ゆとりあ). Nice little onsen. Recently renovated in March 2008. Right across the street from a sweet waterfall (銚子の滝; chōshi no taki). Special features include an "onsen waterfall" where hot water falls onto you to massage your body and a pool that is free to use with the onsen. Open 8:30 A.M. to 9:00 P.M. for onsen stays, 5:00 A.M. to Midnight for hotel guests. ¥400 for adults, ¥200 for kids.
    秋田県山本郡藤里町藤琴字上湯の沢1−2 (map) ☎ 0185-79-1070 Homepage

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