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Futatsui (二ツ井町; -machi) is a district in Noshiro, Akita, Japan. Futatsui consists of a collection of several villages that surround Futatsui proper. To the north is Taneume, to the east Tenjin, to the south is Nibuna and Tashiro, and to the west is Kirishi and Tomine.


On March 21st, 2006 Futatsui merged with Noshiro City to form the new Noshiro.


  • Cherry Blossoms, Late April, early May
    Best viewing in Noshiro Park Map or Kimimachizaka Map
  • Futatsui Omikoshi Festival, May 3
    It takes over 40 people to haul Futatsui's supremely heavy shrine all over town while partaking in drink. The portable shrine is one of the heaviest in the area, weighing in at over a ton!
  • Mini Tanabata, Aug 7 or 8
    Based out of Nibuna, a small outskirt village of Futatsui, a miniaturized version of the Noshiro Tanabata. Each section of the village prepares and brings its own float, some coming from as far as Tashiro (near Kamikoani). Nibuna also holds bon-odori by the Yoneshiro River.
  • Futatsui's Nibuna Dance Festival(仁鮒ささら踊), Aug 13-14 (2008)
    To pray for a bountiful year. South of the river on the 203
  • Futatsui's Mokkun Festival, Aug 15
    A small-town affair with food stalls, yosakoi, and fireworks.
  • Kimimachi Marathon, third weekend in October, in Futatsui
    Cost to register: ¥2500
    21km, 10km, 4km routes to run. Also includes festival with mochi pounding, taiko, yosakoi, food stalls, and local craft sales. Note: Exact yearly dates subject to change.


  • Kimimachizaka Ichinokura (きみまち坂 壱ノ座). website. ☎ 0185-73-3925. 〒018-3102 秋田県能代市二ツ井町小繋字泉20. (map). Opened on April 21st 2013. Adults ¥400. Note that this is not a 'real' onsen!


  • Azuma-zushi (吾妻寿司). ☎ 0185-73-3053. 〒018-3151 秋田県能代市二ツ井町三千苅 55-6. (map). Quality sushi, operated by a sushi chef with more than 30 years experience. The master served sushi in Tokyo for several years as well. The restaurant boasts both a small counter and tatami rooms if you are with a group. 18:00~ Closed on Sun.
  • Daikon-te (だいこん亭). ☎ 0185-73-5327. 〒018-3151 秋田県能代市二ツ井町字三千苅5-6. (map). Good food, particularly the kara-age and eggplant dishes. 17:00-0:00.
  • Kutsurogi (くつろぎ). ☎ 0185-73-3860. 〒018-3151 秋田県能代市二ツ井町三千苅11−11. (map). Bar with quality beer and food, including a rotating list of premium beers, both foreign and domestic. Food is of good scope and quality, including a large selection of gratins, salads, sashimi, yakitori, nabes, and fried goodies- all reasonably priced. The restaurant offers a long counter, one table, and several private tatami rooms. The bar is very popular with the locals and is often fully booked on weekends. Reservations highly recommended for groups. The bar also hosts a small shrine to its most-valued customer, north-Akitan sumo wrestler Takekaze, and is the headquarters for the local Takekaze Support Committee. 17:00-23:00, closed on Wed.
  • Manpuku (満腹 / 万福食堂). ☎ 0185-73-4939. 〒018-3151 秋田県能代市二ツ井町三千苅5−64. (map). The shop's name literally translates to 'full stomach,' and it delivers on its promise. Prices are low and portions are huge. The shop offers a variety of ramen and rice-bowl dishes, all of which are guaranteed to conquer your hunger. The perennial ALT favorite is its patented 'Heart-attack in a Bowl' Tantanmen. Unlike normal tantanmen, the dish includes no sesame, and instead is packed with chilis, eggs, meat, and an assortment of mystery ingredients to make your arteries squeal with delight. 11:00-14:30, 17:00-19:30, closed on Mon.
  • Akebono Shokudō (あけぼの食堂). ☎ 0185-73-2801. 〒018-3151 秋田県能代市二ツ井町三千苅5−38 あけぼの食堂. (map). The shop has a limited menu, but is known primarily for its horse-meat ramen. The shop has a wooden sign over the door. 11:00-14:00, Closed on Tue.
  • Tempura Sōzai Kanchan (天ぷら創菜 かんちゃん). ☎ 0185-75-2299. 〒018-3122 秋田県能代市二ツ井町飛根字高清水483-1. (map). This is a red and black building. An excellent tempura shop with a wide menu and great service. The menu also includes the "Cho-Tokumori-Tendon" (超特盛天丼) which comes in a gigantic bowl and is large enough to feed three people. It is also the only store if its kind in the area to offer tempura ice cream and Taiwanese shaved ice. The master is very foreign friendly. 10:00-17:00, Closed on Tue.
  • ZEPPET (洋食屋ゼペット). ☎ 0185-73-6507. 秋田県能代市二ツ井町小繋字恋ノ沢44-1. This is a small, Italian restaurant along the 7. Portions are a bit on the small side, but that's to be expected in an upscale restaurant like this! The menu offers a decent selection, and I've never been disappointed with anything I've ordered. There is a wide selection of books and manga to read while you wait for your order.


  • Futatsui Roadside Station and it's million yen/dollar toilet! (Note: the million dollar toilet has been demolished as of 2018)
  • Futatsui's Kimimachizaka (きみまち坂公園). Named "The Hill that is Waiting for You" by the Meiji Emperor, Kimimachizaka is located at a picturesque bend in the Yoneshiro River and boasts a large, well-maintained park on the eastern side of the hill. There are trails that lead all the way to the summit, which boasts a pitifully small shrine and gaudy NHK tower. Still, Kimimachizaka's Park is an ideal place both for Autumn Leaf viewing and Cherry Blossom viewing, complete with polka music pumped in over the park's loudspeakers to enhance the experience. [1]
  • Bairin-ji Temple. Located on a hill and visible from Route 7, Bairin-ji is a Zen Buddhist Temple. The walk up the hill is lined with a series of small statues, adorned with seasonably appropriate offerings year-round. The temple grounds has several statues, a bell, and the interior is exquisite. The entire temple and graveyard were moved onto the hill to make room for the construction of Route 7.
  • The One Million Dollar Toilet. A true monument to government pork barrel spending, the Million Dollar Toilet is located at the Futatsui Road Station, alongside Route 7. The toilet is large and spacious, features nature sounds and a small waterfall on the inside. As the last seven ALTs in Futatsui have been male, the female side of the toilet remains an absolute mystery unto itself. The floor above the toilet houses the town museum.
  • Futatsui free bikes (チャリン車). Just outside of Futatsui Station is the main base for Charinja Public Bikes, a bicycle program operated by the local government. Bikes are free to borrow for traveling around town, and there are numerous stations to park them around Futatsui, should you want to leave your bike for speedier modes of transport.
  • Futatsui's Yakushi skijo (薬師スキー場) (location) (☎025-792-5554). The only ski slope in the area that offers night skiing. While small, admission is 800 yen for adults and 400 for kids. Night skiing is available from 6-9p.m. The slope is small, and runs using a series of ropeways (as opposed to lifts). It also boasts a relatively new snowboard park near the top. The manager is friendly and speaks English. The slope also boasts a large Sugichi-kun during the summer. Fun fact: this mountain is the border between Futatsui and Takanosu. The east side (with the ski slope) is actually in Takanosu, Kitaakita.
  • Tallest Cedar Tree (日本ー高い杉の木). Officially the Largest Virgin Cedar Tree in Japan, Futatsui has banked its reputation on this giant hunk of wood. Located in the south of Futatsui's southern-most village (Tashiro), the tree can easily be found after a short hike. The only thing distinguishing it from the other trees in the woods is a rope and a sign. A must see if you are into cedar trees.
  • Bambi Bowling: In the same building as YaYa Dining [2]
  • Tsurugata Zen Temple (鶴形のお寺). 〒016-0131 秋田県能代鶴形239(Map)) Newly renovated to celebrate its 444th anniversary, this temple has an astonishing collection of statues, a nice gate, and even a small bamboo grove on its grounds. The interior is also in excellent condition. The temple is currently run by a very friendly female monk (yes, her head is shaven) who speaks excellent English and will happily unlock the secrets of Zen Buddhism for you with a smile. The temple is located deep in Tsurugata Village, replete with dangerously narrow roads and suicidal old women trying to cross them. Either entering the village by bicycle or by train are strongly recommended. The temple can be found opposite the train station exit.


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