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Kitaakita City Hall - Head Office in Takanosu
Old boundaries of Takanosu Town
Old flag of Takanosu Town
Takanosu sewer drain covers showing a pair of sunflowers

Takanosu (鷹巣) is a district (地区; -chiku) in Kitaakita, Akita, Japan. Before the Kitaakita City merger, the area encompassed by Takanosu District used to be the autonomous municipality of Takanosu Town (町; -machi). In March 2005, Takanosu merged with Moriyoshi Town, Ani Town, and Aikawa Town to form Kitaakita City. Takanosu is the political and social hub of Kitaakita. More than half of Kitaakita's population is located in Takanosu, as well as the city hall, most regional government offices, and the Odate-Noshiro Airport (often referred to as "Akita Kita Airport" in Takanosu).

Location and Population

Takanosu is located in the northern part of Kitaakita. Takanosu has an area of 325.97km². The population in 2005 was 20,823, giving the former town a population density of 63.88 persons per km².


The original Takanosu Town was born in 1890 when it got upgraded from Takanosu Village; encompassing only the area around Takanosu Station. On April 1st, 1955, the former villages of Nanakura (七座村), Bōzawa (坊澤村), Sakae (栄村), and Sawaguchi (澤口村) merged into Takanosu Town. On October 1st of the same year, the Aso (麻生) and Kotsunagi (小繋) hamlets, formerly in Nanakura Village, separated from Takanosu Town and were incorporated into then Futatsui Town (currently Noshiro City). A year later, on October 1st, 1956, Tsuzureko Village (綴子村) and Nanokaichi Village (七日市村) merged into Takanosu Town, creating Takanosu Town as it was known before its final merger into Kitaakita City.

Being the central point between Akita City and Hirosaki, or Noshiro and Ōdate, Takanosu actually has a relatively active bar, izakaya, and restaurant district in the central part of the town.

The name 'Takanosu,' means "hawk's nest" in Japanese. Because the possessive article の, no, is not included in the name's writing, Japanese people not from Akita will often mistakenly refer to the town as Takasu.

Tsuzureko Giant Taiko Drums

Uemachi and Shitamachi giant taiko drums at the Odaiko Hall; the Guinness World Record holder for largest drum pictured with a ribbon

Takanosu's largest claim to fame is the Japanese musical tambour, the taiko. The Odaiko Hall in Takanosu holds the world's largest taiko drum, registered in the Guinness Book of World Records in 1989 as 3.71 meters in diameter. Also solidifying Takanosu's status as the home of the taiko, the Tsuzureko Odaiko Festival (see below) is held each year on July 14 and 15. This festival traces its origins back to the foundation of Tsuzureko Village in 1262 (the Late Kamakura Period).

For all of the vastness of Tsuzureko's farmland, its irrigation channels are poor. This caused the townsfolk to be in constant worry about a lack of water. This lack of water would eventually lead to the famine of 1784 which caused the deaths of 611 people. The taiko drums, originally normal-sized, were said to imitate the sound of thunder and were used to pray for rain.

The two hamlets in Tsuzureko, Uemachi (上町) and Shitamachi (下町), fashioned themselves as the Genji vs the Taira (or the Tokugawa vs the Toyotomi since the Edo Period) and competed against each other in the Tsuzureko Odaiko festival. The fierce competition between these two hamlets lead to the festival becoming dangerous; personal injuries (even deaths) and torn drums were common. The two hamlets eventually reached a gentlemen's agreement to hold the festival in either hamlet on alternating years. So, their competition took a different form: the building of ever bigger and bigger drums (to pray for even more abundant rainfall). This back-and-forth eventually gave birth to the largest drum in all of Japan, which is still used at this festival today.

Comparison of the Giant Taiko Drums
Uemachi Shitamachi
Largest drum 3.80m diameter
(made in 1992)
(Has decided not to challenge for the World Record)
3.71m diameter
(made in 1982)
(Guinness World Record holder)
Second largest drum 3.33m diameter 3.44m diameter
Third largest drum 2.61m diameter 2.47m diameter
Faction (pre-Edo) Genji Taira
Faction (post-Edo) Tokugawa Toyotomi
Crest "Triple Hollyhock" "One Thousand Gourds"
Host years Even numbered years Odd numbered years
Lions dance Dance of the male and female lion seeking love Dance of the mother lion seeking her child
Number of songs 23 About 11


(See also: Getting to Tokyo)


Takanosu has one of Akita's two airports: Odate-Noshiro Airport.
JR 鷹ノ巣 (Takanosu) station.
Waiting room for the Nairiku Line


Takanosu has three stations on the JR Ou Line: Maeyama Station, Takanosu Station, and Nukazawa Station. Maeyama and Nukazawa stations are both unstaffed.
There are three stations on the Akita Nairiku Line in Takanosu: Takanosu Station, Nishi Takanosu Station, and Ogata Station. Nishi Takanosu and Ogata stations are both unmanned.
Note that the JR Takanosu and Nairiku Takanosu stations are actually different stations distinguished by the possessive no written in katakana for the JR station (鷹ノ巣). The Nairiku station is without the possessive article, same as the town (鷹巣). Nevertheless, the two stations are side by side and are the same in practical terms.

National Roads

Takanosu serves as a main road hub in northern Akita Prefecture with Route 7, Route 105, and Route 285 all passing through.
Shuhoku Bus also operates a bus route between Takanosu Station and Odate Station.
Takanosu is home to two Roadside Stations:


Currently the Takanosu area serves as the south-western terminus of the Akita Expressway (秋田自動車道; E7). As of the completion of the December 2020 extension, the highway starts at Kanisawa IC in western Takanosu, cuts across Takanosu east/west, and continues through Odate before reaching the Kosaka Junction (which connects with Hirosaki and Aomori to the north, and Morioka and Sendai to the south).
Currently Takanosu is home to the following exits/ICs, from east to west:
  1. Kanisawa IC (in western Takanosu)
  2. Isedōtai IC (near the Isedōtai Site)
  3. Odate-Noshiro Airport IC ("Ōdate-Noshiro Kūkō IC"; in front of the Odate-Noshiro Airport)
  4. Takanosu IC (near Seiyō ES)
Eventually the expressway will be expanded west to connect with the Akita Expressway in Futatsui to offer service south to Akita City, Yurihonjo, and Yokote.


Kuzoguro Kamakura Fire Festival (葛黒の火まつりかまくら): Mid-February

This festival is held in the hills deep within the Nanokaichi area of Takanosu in Mid-February. The festivities start in the morning, when a nearby tree is selected and chopped down at 9:00am. The tree is hauled by hand to a snow field behind the Kuzoguro Forestry Center. It's stripped of branches, wrapped in straw bales, and erected by hand in the middle of the snow field. Visitors are welcome to participate.
The burning of the tree at the Kuzoguro Fire Festival
After the tree is erected, participants busy themselves with constructing a row of kamakura lining the festival entrance way.
At 6:00pm, the massive tree is set ablaze to chants of 「おーい!かまくらのごんごろー!」. 'Kamakura no Gongoro' is a spirit of the Kuzoguro area who is only appeased by the burning of the tree. His name is chanted to ensure that he notices the festival in his honor. The way the tree burns and falls is said to indicate the fortunes of the coming year. After the tree has finished burning, it is chopped into pieces which visitors may take home as a good-luck charm for the year.

The origins of the festival date back to the Edo period, but due to the declining population, the local populace was forced to discontinue the festival in 2009. However thanks to a crowdfunding campaign raising over ¥240,000, the festival was reopened in 2014, and continues to this day. Custom badges, bamboo good-luck charm holders, and local foods are on sale at the nearby tents.
The Uemachi hamlet procession at the Tsuzureko Shrine Festival

Hachimangū Tsuzureko Shrine Festival (八幡宮綴子神社例大祭): July 14-15 (location)(website)(shrine website)

This festival is held regularly on the 14th and 15th of July each year. It features a warlord's procession, samurai, lion dancing, and, of course, the Tsuzureko giant taiko drums. This procession starts at the hamlet center and makes its way towards Tsuzureko Shrine. The festival is for the praying of abundant rain, good harvest, and no crop-destroying pests, with tradition going back over 750 years.
The first day's events (the "festival eve" - 宵宮祭; yomiya-matsuri) is held at 7pm at Tsuzureko Shrine in which three Giant Taiko Drums (大太鼓; odaiko) are rolled through the street towards the shrine at which point there is a blessing and many different kinds of dancing. The second day's event (the "main event" - 例祭; reisai) is held during the day starting at 11am at Tsuzureko Shrine. According to the city's website there are 'divine works', fortune-telling, and more dancing. The dances and performances associated with this festival are recognized by the Japanese National Government as Select Intangible Cultural Properties (選択無形民俗文化財; Sentaku Mukei Minzoku Bunka-zai).
The Shitamachi hamlet performing the giant taiko drums

Takanosu Drum Festival (たかのす太鼓まつり): Second Sunday in September (website)

As with the Tsuzureko Shrine Festival above, the Uemachi and Shitamachi hamlets each host this event in alternating years. Unlike the Tsuzureko Shrine Festival however, this festival is always held right outside the Ōdaiko Hall in Takanosu regardless of host.
This event is a day-long celebration of taiko and percussion with many guest performances featuring drumming and dancing. These performances are interspersed with local acts as well, such as Kitaakita Giondaiko, Shalom Preschool Taiko Group, and many others. Of course the main attractions are the giant taiko drum performances. The host hamlet has the privilege of playing the opening act. In the finale you can enjoy both Uwamachi and Shitamachi hamlets performing their giant taiko drums side-by-side; this is one of only two times in the whole year this is possible - the other being New Years.

Sightseeing & Activities

Stone Circle A at the Isedōtai Site

Isedōtai Site (伊勢堂岱遺跡; Isedōtai Iseki): (Website) (Jōmon-kan Website - with English video)

The Isedōtai Site is a set of four stone circles surviving from the Jōmon Period - the largest such site in the country. This site was originally excavated accidentally, as it was to be the location of an extension to the highway system. The unprecedented scale of the site prompted the government of then-Takanosu Town to halt construction on the site and to preserve it for future generations. The circles themselves are located on a hill which overlooks the Shirakami Mountains (on a clear day). The many kinds of stones used in these circles were gathered from the length of the Yoneshiro River by the Jōmon peoples thousands of years ago.
There is a visitor center and museum, the Jōmon Isedōtai Museum (or Jōmon-kan), located at the bottom of the hill which contains many artifacts excavated from the site. Guided tours are offered periodically.
Red walking bridge in Central Park

Central Park (中央公園; Chuō Kōen): (location)(website)

Central park is home to Takanosu's main baseball field as well as two tennis courts. One can also fish in the waters at central park; go jogging on the 2.4km "trim running course;" or hit up the batting cage in the "Sports Land" building on-site. Central park is great for cherry-blossom viewing (they offer lit-up, night viewing as well), but is also a great place to escape to for some alone-time. There's a peninsula in the middle of the lake that's connected to the perimeter by a beautiful red bridge.

Kitaakita Public Pool (北秋田市民プール; Kitaakita Shimin Pool): (location)(website)

Kitaakita's brand-new public pool is located in Takanosu near Takanosu Elementary School. Above the pool is a small training room that has treadmills, recumbent bikes, and some specialized weight machines and a section with free weights. One-time admission to the training room is ¥200, while one-time admission to the pool is ¥500 (but this will allow you to also use the training room if you wish). You can also get a year-long membership for ¥20,000 to use both the pool and the training room.
Address: 秋田県北秋田市鷹巣字東中岱21-1
Telephone: 0186-62-5001
Hours: Open 7 days a week (excluding holidays) from 10am to 9pm.
Admission: ¥200 for gym, ¥510 for pool; or ¥20,000 for a year-long membership.
The Ōdaiko Hall

Ōdaiko Hall (大太鼓の館; Ōdaiko no Yakata) (website)(Michi no Eki website)

This drum museum is the home to Kitaakita's gianto taiko drums, one of which was certified by the Guinness Book of World Records as the world's largest drum made from a single piece of leather. This museum has exhibits on the history of the giant taiko drums, as well as a collection of drums from over 40 countries. Many of these drums are available to play!
Address: 〒018-3301 秋田県北秋田市綴子字大堤道下62-1 (The Takanosu Michi no Eki)
Hours: 9:00~17:00
Closed: December 31st, January 1st
Admission: ¥420 for adults; ¥300 for JHS and SHS students; ¥200 for ES students

Takanosu Gymnasium (鷹巣体育館; Takanosu Taiiku-kan): (location)(website)

Right next to the public pool is the Takanosu gymnasium.
Address: 秋田県北秋田市鷹巣字東中岱11
Telephone: 0186-62-3800
Hours: ???
Admission: ¥100 for adults

Matsuo Farm (松尾牧場; Matsuo Bokujō): (location), (website)

Fureai Plaza Komukomu

Fureai Plaza Komukomu (ふれあいプラザ コムコム): (website).

Community center with seminar rooms available for reservation. Also has public computers and Wi-Fi. There is free parking available. Open from 9:00am - 10:00pm.

Yakushi Ski Resort (薬師スキー場; Yakushi Ski-jō): (website).

The only ski slope in the area that offers night skiing. While small, admission is 800 yen for adults and 400 for kids. Night skiing is available from 6-9p.m. The slope is small, and runs using a series of ropeways (as opposed to lifts). It also boasts a relatively new snowboard park near the top. The manager is friendly and speaks English. The slope also boasts a large Sugichi-kun during the summer. Fun fact: this mountain is the border between Futatsui and Takanosu. The east side (with the ski slope) is actually in Takanosu.


Cho-ju no Yu (長寿の湯) Onsen

Chōju no Yu (長寿の湯): (location)(website)

A highly recommended, very new, natural onsen on the Odate-Noshiro Airport road, near the border between Takanosu and Hinai offering several baths inside, including a large bathing pool, pipe bath, three sleepers, one cold bath, and a sauna. Also includes great outdoor bath with a view of forested mountains. Also includes Western-style and Japanese tatami resting areas complete with a gift area and beverage and ice cream vending machines. It has been said to be careful not to go into the onsen next door by mistake! Coming from Takanosu proper, you will pass Yu no Tai first, so continue another 30 seconds to reach Chōju no Yu.
Be aware that this onsen is known for its lukewarm baths. If you come here expecting the usual, scalding onsen pools, you will leave disappointed!
Address: 秋田県北秋田市小森向長渡12-1
Telephone: 0186-66-2526‎
Hours: Open 7 days a week from 9am to 8pm, including holidays; closed on the 4th Tuesday of every month.
Admission: Adults ¥500, elementary school students ¥250, infants and small children ¥100.

Yu no Tai (湯ノ岱温泉): (location)(website)

Located right up the road from Chōju no Yu (長寿の湯) . Not recommended. The onsen is somewhat old, with a row of shower heads but only one (very small) bath inside. No outdoor baths exist either.
Address: 秋田県北秋田市小森字湯ノ岱68
Telephone: 0186-66-2941
Hours: Open 7 days a week from 10am to 9pm; closed on the 2nd and 4th Tuesday of every month.
Admission: Junior high school students to adults ¥300, elementary school students ¥100, infants and small children free.

Jōmon no Yu (縄文の湯): (location)(website)

The newest resort/onsen in Takanosu. Located off of the 24 on the way to the Ōdate-Noshiro Airport on the way out of town. The resort area houses 13 single rooms, 12 twin rooms, 1 deluxe suite, 4 Japanese-style rooms, and 1 large Japanese-style room for meetings. Also included is an onsen area with a dry sauna; an outdoor bath; a hot stone sauna; a body care, beauty, and hair salon; a restaurant; a gift shop; and complimentary hi-speed wifi internet access.
The facility has many shower stalls with free body soap and shampoo, a cold water bath, a dry-type sauna, and both an indoor and outdoor bath featuring sodium-chloride water with a slight sulfurous odor and slightly salty taste that is supposedly good for a variety of physical ailments.
While this facility is brand new and clean, it is somewhat bland inside and offers little character and no views of surrounding scenery from the outdoor bath.
Jōmon no Yu boasts a fairly standard restaurant in the lobby, as well as an independent yakiniku restaurant operating out of the same parking lot past the front door of the onsen.
Address: 秋田県北秋田市脇神字平崎川戸沼86-2
Telephone: 0186-63-2626‎
Hours: Open 7 days a week from 10am to 10pm in summer (9:30pm in winter), including holidays. Room check-in starts at 3pm, and check-out is at 10am.
Onsen admission: Adults ¥450, children ¥130, infants ¥90.
¥11,000 for a stamp-card good for 30 entries.


Takanosu has a great selection of local restaurants for a town of its size - it has one of the largest watering-hole-to-person ratio of any municipality in Akita! While Takanosu does have a few national chains, if that's what you're after, then Noshiro or Odate are perhaps a better choice.

Local Restaurants



This Showa(昭和)-style kissaten is a straight walk down from the station, just past train park in central Takanosu. This venue is operated by a kind, elderly couple who will make you feel at home. They don't skimp on the portions of their Napolitan spaghetti! Open for lunch and dinner.
Address: 秋田県北秋田市東横町9-36


This is bakery. They're famous for their brownie (in a yellow box) and their strawberry roll cake. It is very long and delicious. Price is ¥2268.

《 MENU 》

  • Tiramisu (ティラミスプリン) ¥324
  • The roll of a chestnut and a pumpkin (栗とかぼちゃのロールケーキ) ¥313
  • Mango roll cake (マンゴーロールケーキ) ¥334
  • Opera (オペラ) ¥334
  • Crepe package of a peach (桃のクレープ包み) ¥324
  • Crepe of a strawberry (苺のクレープ包み) ¥334
  • Trifle (トライフル) ¥324
  • Strawberry mill crepecake (苺のミルクレープ) ¥324

Address 秋田県北秋田市住吉町8-1


This is a yakiniku shop, also part of the Genki-ya Group. It's a bit pricier than some yakiniku shops, but it's updated and clean.
Famous for their signature spicy bekochan-mori, bekochan-karubi, karubi ramen, tsukemono, salads, sweets, etc.
The business hours are from 11:00 to 22:00.

Boire un Coupe(ボワ・アン・クープ): (location)(website)

The food is authentic French cuisine and it is delicious to boot. The Chef trained and worked in France for three years and loves sharing about his experiences if you inquire. It is a perfect spot for a date and it has a nice wine bar so try to convince whoever you happen to be on a date with to drive so that you can drink. The course set is a little bit pricey, but don't balk, it is worth every yen. Sometimes there isn't a menu, at which point, the Chef will ask "fish or meat?" and design a meal around your preference for about 2000yen. To get to Boire Un Coupe, follow the directions for Parista, but continue past Parista and you will see Boire Un Coupe on the left. There is parking in front if you are lucky. If you are unlucky, you can usually park across the street, or try parking near Parista. You will definitely want to call for a reservation ahead of time.
Tristen's addendum: Chez Jun opened this restaurant about three years ago (circa 2005). He studied in Tokyo for a couple years and lived in France for three, so he is well versed in French cooking and he can speak French and English quite well. The menu is generally the same with seasonal additions and specials. The prix fix menus are ¥2,800 (two course with desert and espresso), ¥3,000 (three course with desert and espresso), ¥3,500 (four course with desert and espresso), but you can add and substitute specialty or seasonal dishes in for a wee bit extra. Lunch is also served though I've never had it. There's also a tea time. It's a little pricey, but the experience of a fresh, made from scratch, traditional French meal is worth the price in my eyes. The wait between courses is not long and usually the meal lasts about an hour and a half. If you go, be sure and get the New Zealand rack of lamb, the duck confit with beans, or the terrine. Tortes and to-die-for chocolate mousse are also highly recommended. The whole wheat rolls are also rather tasty as compared to all of Japan's gummy white-bread. No baguette yet, but perhaps some day he'll get some. I love this place because it's not smoky, it's refined and classy, and the staff is very talkative and kind. The restaurant has a very warm, earth-toned stuccoed interior with wicker chairs and a nice small bar. He even has Cotes du Rhone and several good Chardonnays.
Address: 秋田県北秋田市松葉町11−4
Telephone: 0186−62−2269
Hours: Open Tuesday through Sunday. Lunch (11:30am to 2pm); tea time (2pm to 4pm); dinner (5:30pm to 10pm, last order at 9:30pm); and drinks (until closing at 11:30pm).

Budou no Ki(葡萄の樹)("Grape Tree") :(location)

Popular menu is Oroshi hamburg set meal(おろしハンバーグ定食).
Quiet little cafe, tucked away on a street between Worl Bon Bon and Komu Komu. The owner brews the coffee fresh. The menu offers a variety of items from drinks, desserts, and even small meals. The menu changes frequently. The Penguin drink, parfaits, and pasta dishes are recommended.
The business hours are from 11:00 to 22:00 (closing time may change based on customer traffic)
Address:秋田県 北秋田市 花園町 2-11


A little unassuming ramen shop, near Komukomu and city hall. They serve horse meat if you have a taste for it, but their hiyashi chuka (冷やし中華) is one of their specialties. If it's out of season (i.e. not summer), they'll serve the autumn or winter version as well, which has some slightly different ingredients.
The business hours are from 11:00 to 15:00 (lunch), 17:00-20:00 (dinner)


A cafe to stop by for lunch or an afternoon snack. The menu rotates frequently and much of the decor was made in-house. It advertises as a woodwork gallery as well. Everything is made from scratch so you may have to wait a little while for your food.
The business hours are from 10:00 to 17:00 (Closed Sundays)
Address:秋田県北秋田市材木町1 17TANOCビル 1F

Honey Drop:(location)

This shop consists of mostly a window and a very small seating area and is pretty easy to miss if you're not paying attention. A post-lunch/school/work stop for students and JR riders when they get off the train. They sell crepes, bubble tea, milk tea and various drinks with a variety of flavors.
The business hours are from 13:00 to 18:00 (11:00-18:00 on weekends)

Ikeda-ya (池田屋): (location)

To get to this Japanese noodle restaurant make your way down the second street running parallel from the Takanosu train station. This restaurant is open until midnight(!!) and serves homemade yoneshiro udon, along with other good eats. A popular spot for nijikai (二次会 "afterparties").
Address: 秋田県北秋田市松葉町12-20
Telephone: 0186-62-6142‎
Hours: Open until midnight
Kokoro at night

Kokoro (珈湖璐)

This izakaya is down the street from the large Family Mart, across from Banbai. This is one of the top watering holes in Takanosu. Their flagship menu item is their chicken karaage, however you won't leave dissatisfied with anything you order. In addition to the karaage they offer delicious sashimi, pickles, meat dishes, etc. all at reasonable prices. When in doubt, you can't go wrong with Kokoro. Good luck remembering how to write the kanji, though.
Address: 秋田県北秋田市住吉町5-24
Telephone: 0186-62-9926
Hours: 5:00pm ~ late
Ramen Motokiya

Ramen Motokiya (らぁめん元氣屋): (location) (website)

Formerly Yoshimoto, this ramen shop is part of Genki-ya group. It is between Ultra and AjiQ along the Route 7. They offer all-you-can-eat kimchi while you wait for (and while you eat) your ramen.
Address: 〒018-3301 秋田県北秋田市綴子大堤182
Hours: 11:00 ~ 21:00

Niku no Matsuo (肉の松尾): (location)(website)

I went here once for an enkai and the food was probably the best enkai food I've ever had. This place grows its own meat on a gigantic farm east of Takanosu. All of the meat is really fresh and there's a butcher shop attached to the restaurant that you can shop at as well. This place is a local favorite when it comes to buying good cuts of meat and ba-sashi (raw horse meat). I had the ba-sashi there and it was rather tasty, even though I'm not particularly fond of it. Definitely try the yaki-niku and the meat pies. The meat pie filling is mostly butter and broth, but the flaky crust is rather good and is about the closest thing to a meat pie you are probably going to get in Japan. If you have the hankering for a steak, order the ginormous steak (it's about 500 grams). It comes with a bunch of grilled onions, peppers, squash, and small heap of mashed potatoes. It was fabulous the last time that I had it.
Address: 秋田県北秋田市松葉町8−14
Telephone: 0186−62−1012
Hours: Open daily 11:00-14:00, 17:00-21:00.
Parista's Location in Takanosu

Parista (パリスタ飯店)

This is a Chinese-style restaurant. It is located close to Takanosu station. There is a good variety of menu items, from various entrees, noodle dishes, rice dishes, to side items. They offer different protein items as well including fish and seafood, shrimp, chicken, pork, tofu, etc. 5000 yen will let you try many of their offerings. One of their popular dishes is a spicy noodle dish which resembles hot and sour soup, with tofu and pork. Their portions tend to be generous. Look for a yellow sign that contains this kanji: 中国. You can park in the parking lot next to Parista. Alternatively if the lot is full, you can either park at the banks or at Takanosu station.
Address: 〒018-3321 秋田県北秋田市松葉町10-23
Telephone: 0186-62-2467
Hours: (lunch) 11:30-14:00, (dinner) 17:30-21:00. Closed on Tuesday.
The Piyo² in Takanosu

Piyo² (ぴよぴよ): (location)(blog review)

A ramen shop part of the Genki-ya Group. Famous for their signature spicy genki-shouyuu ramen (元気しょうゆらーめん) and spicy genki miso ramen (元気みそらーめん). They have many different kinds of noodles as well as gyouza (餃子), Japanese-style dishes, and a drink bar. There are many menu items. Items include takoyaki(たこ焼き), karaage(から揚げ), oyakodon(親子丼), katsudon(カツ丼), pasta(パスタ), curry and rice(カレーライス), hamburger(ハンバーグ) and yakitori(焼き鳥). I think their food is delicious. It is located in the large Itoku shopping center area next to the dry cleaning shop and the ATMs.
This shop has recently updated as of 2021 to include more Western food items and reduced the Japanese food items available, feeling more like a traditional family restaurant. Their hamburgers/cheeseburgers are the closest thing to an American-tasting burger that you will find in Takanosu.
Address: 秋田県北秋田市栄字前綱63番地1
Telephone: 0186-62-2738
Hours: Open daily from 11am to 10pm.

Ramen Shop "San"(ラーメン屋 燦)

This is the fourth ramen shop along the Route 7 in the direction of Odate. It's a short ways past Ultra on the left. Their curry ramen hits the spot.
Be careful though, because they don't skimp on the garlic!
Address: 〒018-3301 秋田県北秋田市綴子糠沢上谷地357
Tel: 0186-62-6255
Hours: 11:00-15:00, 17:00-21:00. Closed on Mondays.

Semba Sushi (千羽寿司): (location)

Delicious sushi restaurant.
Chawannmushi(Japanese steamed egg custard ) is recommend in this.
Open 17:00 to midnight, closed on Sundays.
Address: 秋田県北秋田市松葉町9-19
Tel: 0186-62-2091

Shiki (四季):(location)

Shiki offers a few items that aren't common at most Japanese restaurants, such as milt (feel free to Google milt if you've never heard of it) or blowfish. Their items change depending on the season, and there's very little to complain about as their food is very good. Dinner service only.
The business hours are from 17:00-23:00 (closed Sunday)

Taira Shokudō (たいら食堂)

This restaurant serves kaisen-don (海鮮丼; raw sashimi fish slices over rice bowls). They have various options for different assortments of sashimi. Take-out and eat-in options available. This restaurant operates out of the old Cafe Biot building, and as such it looks more like a cafe than a fish restaurant; but don't looks deceive you! This is one of the tastier options for sashimi in Kitaakita City.
Address: 秋田県北秋田市住吉町9-16
Tearoom Danke

Tearoom Danke(ティールーム・ダンケ)

This is a lunch-only restaurant that serves a variety of curry-and-rice plates. For ¥600 you can get pork, vegetable, or shrimp curries. Or, you can splurge for the hamburger curry for ¥800. Consider the dry curry or the curry udon as well! The curry itself is on the sweet side, but it still sports a nice spicy kick.
Each dish comes with a complimentary cup of coffee, which you can pour for yourself straight from the pot - refills only ¥100 each!
Make sure not to miss the collection of movie posters tacked to the ceiling, too!

Address: 秋田県北秋田市花園町10-14 TNハイツ1F
Hours: 11:30-13:30

Ultra (うるとら): (location)(website)

Also known as Menya Ultra, this is a ramen shop on Route 7, on the right-side of the road (if leaving Takanosu). The best of the three ramen shops in that area. A branch of the Nishiki Ramen shop in Ōdate. Ultra offers better-than-average ramen fare, a decent all-wooden interior and, on days when it's particularly crowded, the staff will come and take your order the moment you step out of your car! Their specialty is their paiko ramen, which is a pork-and-chicken cutlet.
Address: 秋田県北秋田市綴子大堤68-2
Telephone: 0186-62-3446
Hours: Open daily from 11am to 9pm.

Yamamoto (やまもと):

This unassuming izakaya is one of the top gourmet eateries in Takanosu. The master is from Tokyo, and set out to establish a high-class restaurant in Kitaakita.
Hours: Lunch - 11:30~14:00 / Dinner - 17:30~23:00

Yonezawaya (よねざわや or 米澤屋): (location) ☎ 0186-62-9225 Closed Wednesdays

The tonkatsu, hirekatsu, and tenpura are, bar none, the best in Takanosu in my opinion. My recommendations are the cheese tonkatsu—literally dripping corn and carrot-studded cheese—and the mini-hirekatsu. All the stuff on the menu is deep-fried, artery-clogging, stick to your ribs and the inside of your aortic valves sort of fare. The sauce for the tonkatsu, which is a trademark of the restaurant is very similar to brown sauce or a Lea and Perrins-based sauce and it goes well with just about everything. They have particularly delicious homemade tsukemono (pickles), too.
Address: 〒018-3311 秋田県北秋田市材木町8-20
Tel: 0186-62-9225

National Chains


This is Ramen shop.
popular menu is China buckwheat and Green onion miso ramen.
The business hours are from 11:00 to 21:00.A regular day off is Monday.
The Kappazushi in Takanosu

Kappazushi (かっぱ寿司): (location)(chain site)

A kaitenzushi restaurant; located in the Aeon Takanosu Shopping Center parking lot (next to the JASS gas station). They offer sushi at a fixed price of 100 yen per plate (or 108 yen with added tax). They also have Udon noodles and desserts. You can eat as much as you like, pay by plates ordered. Weekdays are cheaper than holidays. You can also do take-out.
Address: 北秋田市栄字中綱36-1
Telephone: 0186-69-7666
Hours: open daily from 11am to 11pm (last order at 10:30pm).

Kourakuen (幸楽苑): (homepage)

This chain ramen shop is located in the parking lot of Kappazushi. A cheaper alternative to Ultra or the other ramen shops located on Route 7 (or elsewhere in Takanosu, for that matter).


This is a Japanese-style family restaurant next to Piyopiyo. They offer a large variety of menu items, including rice bowls (丼), curry plates, sushi platters, and so on. They also have a selection of teas and soft drinks available in their drink bar - which makes this a great place to come and read a book or study!

Sukiya (すき家): (location)(chain site)

A Japanese restaurant chain serving gyūdon, other donburi, and curry. Incredibly cheap prices.
They have over 54 menu items with about 47 sides including drinks.
This Sukiya has a convenient drive-thru.
They have a secret size you can order: "King-size." King-size is about 1100 yen.
Recommendation is Negitama gyūdon. Negitama is Leek and egg.
Address: 秋田県北秋田市栄字前綱76
Hours: 24 hours a day.
Worl Bon Bon in Takanosu

WORL BON BON(ワールボンボン)

This is a cake and sweets shop. It is near the Takanosu station.
It is the cake shop which is famous and delicious in Takanosu.
There are many kinds of cakes, including birthday cakes. My favorite sweet is strawberry Daifuku.
Their Macarons are also worth a try and affordable!
Address: 〒018-3312 秋田県北秋田市花園町1-3
Business hours: from 9:00 to 18:30


Bar Trigger

Small bar located above NEW Sarasa and next door to Petit Lust. The master can make almost any drink and can even make you a custom drink if you don't know what to order. Great selection. One of the only places in Takanosu where you can get a Margarita. Quiet and cozy atmosphere. The master does not speak English but is always willing to have a conversation about pretty much anything. Open every day from 19:30 until the last customer leaves.
Address: 〒018-3325北秋田市元町9-22
Telephone: 0186-62-3773

Mai Tai

The older brother of the master of Firefly. Great selection of Scotch whiskies and other drinks. He can make most any cocktail, and, if you can't decide what to order, will even mix something for you depending on your mood! All of his whisky-on-the-rocks ice cubes are chipped by hand into that perfect sphere that looks so good in your glass. He is located diagonally across from Banbai, across the street from 水無月, on the second floor above a ramen shop.
Address: 秋田県北秋田市元町9ー22
Telephone: 0186-63-1173

NEW Sarasa

Snack bar located on the first floor of the same building as Bar Trigger and Petit Lust. Relatively spacious with a large bar and several tables in the back. A variety of drinks available. Karaoke available for a fee per song. Atmosphere is upbeat. Relatively pricey compared to other bars in Takanosu. There's also a gravel parking lot opposite the building that is for paying NEW Sarasa customers only.
Hours: Monday through Saturday 21:00 - 2:00
Address: 秋田県北秋田市元町9ー22
Telephone: 0186-62-5665

Petit Lust

Snack bar located on the second floor of the same building as Bar Trigger and NEW Sarasa. Karaoke and a good drink selection. All you can sing and drink price is available. While other bars in Takanosu may be empty, it seems like someone is always at Petit Lust. Boisterous atmosphere.
Hours: Everyday 19:30 - 0:00, closed on the third Sunday of the month.
Address: 秋田県北秋田市元町9ー22
Telephone: 090ー6224ー3586

Former Establishments

This section contains a list of restaurants/bars/etc. that have shut their doors.

Café Biot.

Café Biot (カフェ・ビオ): (location)(website)

Despite the stinky name, Café Biot is a nice spot for some eats and coffee. Pastas, parfaits, pancakes, ice cream, and coffee are all on the menu. Café Biot also has two kiosk computers up front and free wifi internet access—making it a great place to visit for those who have yet to get the internet connected in their home. From the station, walk straight on the main road, its 4 or 5 blocks down on your right. Open daily from 10am to 9pm.
This Café shut it doors in summer 2018.
Address: 秋田県北秋田市住吉町9-16
Telephone: 0186-62-3531

Café Lilac(リラ):(location)

A Showa(昭和)-style kissaten next to Yonezawa-ya. Parfaits and Napolitan Spaghetti are my recommendations.
This cafe shut its doors in December 2016.
"Welcome to Dixie Burger, home of the Dixie Burger. Can I take your order?"

Dixie (ディクシー): (location)

This American western-themed bar and eatery is on the western side of Takanosu-proper. Take the street in-between the post office and Family Mart, walk west two blocks, turn right, it's on your right.
If you want a burger, and don't want to feel a small bit of you die by eating at the Ōdate McDonald's, you can have a whole lot of you die by indulging in the delicious decadence that is the Dixie Burger. A whole lot of beef, topped with a thick slice of ham, tomato, on a toasted bun with saucy deliciousness—the Dixie burger is a masterpiece of unhealthiness. Lettuce and french fries served on the side. Truly suicidal folks can also shell out another ¥200 to add more protein, in the form of a fried egg to the burger.
Dixie also has an admirable selection of liquor—including all the big American beers as well as Corona (and they might even custom-order your favorite obscure beer/liquor if you ask kindly). Dixie's other menu selections include pizza and gratin and omelettes that are worth noting. The owner is very friendly and prompt. Highly recommended.
This restaurant suffered a kitchen fire and subsequently shut its doors in 2019.
Address: 秋田県北秋田市元町9-22-2
Hours: closed


The younger brother of the master of Mai Tai. He also has a wide selection of available drinks, and an extensive knowledge of cocktails. Firefly is more well lit than Mai Tai. Both Firefly and Mai Tai are great locations to get your Scotch fix. He is located on the second floor of a building towards the end of Takanosu Ginza Street (leading out from Takanosu Station).
Hours: Closed
Address: 〒018-3312北秋田市花園町11-20
Fukushi Soba

Fukushi Soba (福士そば)

This lunchtime-only restaurant is located halfway between Komukomu and the Kitaakita City Board of Education. They have precisely one menu item: Chinese-style noodles in a light broth. Variations you can get on this theme are: extra noodles, extra chāshū pork, or extra noodles and extra chāshū pork. This limited selection makes it easy to order; this plus the delicate broth make it a local favorite.
Address: 〒018-3312 秋田県北秋田市花園町12−16

This restaurant shut its doors in December 2019.

Kappou Miyoshi (割烹みよし): (location)

It's off the main drag in between the second and third main parallel streets coming from the train station in downtown Takanosu. It's next to Yonezawaya and two shops down from the Lilac Cafe. This place has excellent nabe (Japanese-style stew), unagi (eel), and many regional favorites. The eel is par to none, because it's still squirming-fresh from the aquarium, which is in the atrium of the restaurant. If you're yearning for a true American experience, you can even pick out your dinner, just like at Red Lobster. This place has excellent tempura, sashimi, and other Japanese standbys. It's a wee bit pricey, but you get your own private tatami room that is isolated from the rest. If you don't like smokey, noisy, restaurants, this is the place to go.
Address: 秋田県北秋田市材木町8-19
Telephone: 0186-62-9244
Hours: Closed

Misawa soft ice cream(三沢ソフト)

The soft ice cream from this store is good and the perfect way to end a ramen night from across the street (Ultra or Yoshimoto) if you finish before 6pm!
My recommendation is a vanilla soft ice cream and shake. It's a deal for only 250yen!
There are several kinds of flavors for shakes from the store as well.
This shop is literally just a small shack on the side of the road - you'll miss it if you aren't paying attention!
This shop looks to have closed sometime around 2019.


Mugi no Uta (麦の歌 "The Song of the Wheat"): (location)

It's on the main drag that leads right to the station. It's about three blocks down the street from the station. Look for the big bust of Apollo Belvedere. Once you've found Apollo Belvedere climb the stairs into the cafe. Ogasawara is the owner and a hell of a nice guy to boot. Mugi no Uta specializes mostly in Japanized Italian and acoustic music. Four times a year there's a folk night at this joint and there's quite a few talented musicians that attend. The food is always very fresh and quite tasty and your welcome to bring whatever instrument you play and have a go. If you don't have a guitar there's plenty there that you can borrow. Like many other japanese establishments, he opens and closes at will.
Address: 秋田県北秋田市松葉町10-16
Telephone: 0186-62-4876
Hours: ???


The Sunday in Takanosu

Sunday: (location)(chain site)

A home amenities center featuring pretty much everything you need. Sunday is almost like a (smaller) Home Depot—except with shampoos, liquor, and enka CDs thrown in for good measure. Among other things, you can find kerosene heaters, lighting, a small electronics section, and home furnishings here. Be sure to check this place out but beware: they play the same mind-numbing jingle every minute of every day ("Itsudemo tanoshii kotooooo ... anata no machi no Home Center SUNDAY!")

The Big: (location)(chain site)

A large grocery store located in the Aeon Shopping Center in Takanosu; very similar to an Itoku. The Aeon group decided to convert the MaxValu store into a The Big store in late 2011. Compared to MaxValu, The Big offers lower prices at the expense of selection and domestic produce. Inside the Aeon Shopping Center you can also find a video game arcade, a "food court" (no food vendors), an eyeglass shop, a second-hand goods store, a dry-cleaning shop, a Docomo shop, a Honey's women's clothing store, a shoe store, and a Seria ¥100 store.
Itoku Takanosu Shopping Center

Itoku: (location 1)(location 2)(chain site)

A large grocery store chain based in Akita and Aomori that also carries some minor home amenity products. Fresh produce and meat at a decent price. There are two Itoku stores in Takanosu: 1) a larger one located at the intersection of the 105 and 102 (いとく鷹巣ショッピングセンター; Itoku Takanosu Shopping Center); and 2) a smaller one located at the end of Route 24 downtown (いとく鷹巣南店; Itoku Takanosu Minami-ten).

Yutori Koubou (ゆとり工房): (location)(website)

Do you find that your laundry is starting to smell a bit funky when it doesn't dry quickly enough on the line in your apartment? Yutori is a 24/7 coin-laundromat located in the Takanosu Itoku Mall parking lot. It's is a great place to wash and dry your laundry in Takanosu. The 8-kilo washing machine costs ¥400 for a load, the 13-kilo costs ¥600, and the 22-kilo costs ¥1,400. Subsequently, the 13-kilo dryer costs ¥100 for 10 minutes, and the 23-kilo dryer costs ¥100 for 6 minutes. The washer made specifically for shoes costs ¥200 for a load, and the shoe dryer costs ¥100 for 20 minutes. Boxes of detergent and dryer sheets go for ¥150 each.
Address: 秋田県北秋田市栄字前綱58番1外
Telephone: 0120-72-8758
Hours: open 24/7/365.
The Daiso in Takanosu

The Daiso: (location)(chain site)

A ¥100 store selling most everything you can think of (very similar to a $1 store in the United States); located in "Takanosu Mall" area next to the Itoku. A great place to visit during the first few weeks of your stay in Japan. You can pick up towels, cutlery, bowls, plates, cleaning products, etc. From Daiso's website: "Daiso is a unique combination of dollar and convenient store, carrying over 100,000 types of high-quality stylish household and lifestyle products at unbeatable prices."

Tanaka Sports (location)(website)

Address: 秋田県北秋田市住吉町8-27
Telephone: 0186-62-2731
Hours: 9:00-19:00, closed 2nd & 4th Wed of each month.

Fashion Center Shimamura (ファッションセンターしまむら):(location)(chain site)

This is one of the fashion brand; located in the AEON Takanosu Shopping Center parking lot. You can buy clothes (for men, women and children), Shoes, Toys, Underwear, Bedding, Hats, Bags, Bath towels, Bath mats, Snacks, etc.

Especially clothes are sold depending on the season. For example, in the summer they sell yukata. I like Simamura's clothes because there are not only many types but they are also cheap and cute. Please check Simamura's original character "Simausa". It is very cute!

Address: 秋田県北秋田市栄字中綱30(イオンタウンたかのすショッピングセンター 内)
Business day:depends on the month but are open almost every day

K's Denki (ケーズ電気): (chain site)

A large electronics store on the main strip of Takanosu. With a large selection of TVs, computer accessories, appliances, electronic dictionaries, etc., this is the first stop for any of your electronics-related needs in Takanosu.
Address: 〒018-3302 秋田県北秋田市栄字前綱86−1
Telephone: 0186-60-1700
Hours: 10:00-20:00

Casque D'or (カスクドール): (homepage)

This chic store located in downtown Takanosu carries home goods, clothing, accessories, and more. This is the place to go if you're looking for something a little more fancy than what Sunday or Daiso can offer!
Address: 北秋田市松葉町10-1
Telephone: 0186-62-1468
Hours: 10:00 ~ 19:00
Closed: Wednesdays

Zakkaya HAL (雑貨屋HAL)

This tiny store of odds and ends is located across the street from Train Park in Takanosu. They carry a variety of small items useful around the house.
Address: 〒018-3316 秋田県北秋田市東横町1−25
Telephone: 0186-84-8422
Hours: 10:00 ~ 18:00

Omoshiro Ichiba (おもしろ市場) (Location)(Homepage)

Omoshiro Ichiba is a used goods store in Aeon Town. They have a little bit of everything under the sun, from books to furniture. The store has the impression that they don't turn anything away, meaning the store is filled to the brim with random stuff. It is a branch from a store in Aomori, which is a trading card game store, which they also sell at their Takanosu location.
Address: Nakatsuna-31-1 Sakae, Kitaakita, Akita Prefecture 018-3302
Telephone: 0186-84-8747
Hours: 9:30 ~ 19:30


Takanosu has one high school, two junior high schools, four elementary schools, and one special education school.

Takanosu area was also home to the following former schools.

High Schools

Junior High Schools

Elementary Schools

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