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Doburoku (どぶろく / 濁酒) is a fermented alcoholic beverage brewed from glutinous rice mash. It is considered a cousin of sake; it is made from the same ingredients but, unlike sake, the rice mash isn't filtered. Some consider it rustic and unrefined. It has been a popular beverage of the Matagi hunters in the Ani region of Kitaakita for many generations.

Historically doburoku was illegally brewed at home, earning it the nickname "Japanese moonshine." Recently, official breweries have opened which produce and sell this product by standard, legal means.

Difference from Nigori-zake

Nigori-zake, or "unfiltered sake," is similar to doburoku, in that some of the rice mash remains. Despite its name though, nigori-zake does have a portion of its rice mash filtered out (leaving some to give it its distinctive accent). Doburoku, on the other hand, is left entirely unfiltered - allowing it to take on a porridge-like texture if shaken.

Akita doburoku

  • Doburoku Refinery in Ani This refinery operates out of a building connected to Utto Onsen
  • どぶろく 寒風山 (Oga) Tel: 0185-25-2609 [1]
  • どぶろく 鳥海恵・どぶろく白神こだま酵母 (Yurihonjō) Tel: 0184-33-4150
  • どぶろく 能代里山 (Noshiro) Tel: 0185-58-5344 [2]

Iwate doburoku

  • 一の雫 Tel: 019-693-2422 [3]

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