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Fantastic Museums and Zoos can be found in every area of Akita Prefecture. Below is a partial list separated by area.

The Museum of Modern art in Yokote

Northern Akita

Osarizawa Mineland


  • Mineland Osarizawa (史跡 尾去沢鉱山). Founded in 708 and run by the Nanbu Clan, the materials from this mine have travled far beyond Akita, such as to Nara for the Daibutsu and even as far as Europe, where it was used for trade. The mine was closed in 1978, but a 1.7km tunnel remains open for visitors.
    〒018-5202 秋田県鹿角市 尾去沢字獅子沢13-5 (map) ☎ 0186-22-0123 Homepage (Japanese)
Antler in Kazuno
  • "Antler" - Kazuno Tourist Information Center (鹿角観光ふるさと館あんとらあ). A tourist information center with a few small restaurants and shops to buy local goods. The little stall in the front sells peach ice cream made with the northernmost grown peaches in Japan.
    秋田県鹿角市花輪字新田町11-4 (map) ☎ 0186-22-0555 Homepage (Japanese)
  • Hachimantai Auto Camp Park Asupia (八幡平オートキャンプパーク アスピア).
    秋田県鹿角市八幡平字切留平15-1 (map) ☎ 0186-31-2637 Homepage (Japanese)
The Kosaka Kabuki House, Korakukan


  • Kourakukan (康楽館). Japan's oldest wooden theater. Originally built to entertain the miners of Kosaka.
    〒017-0202 秋田県鹿角郡小坂町小坂鉱山字松ノ下2 (map) ☎ 0186-29-3732 Homepage (Japanese)


  • Akita Inu Hall (秋田犬会館). A small museum dedicated to the dog breed named after the prefecture. Open: Weekdays 9:00~16:00 Saturday 9:00~12:00 Admission: ¥200
    〒017-0897 秋田県大館市字三ノ丸13-1 (map) ☎ 0186-42-2502 Akita Inu Preservation Society Homepage (Japanese)
    • Depending on time of year, there is an akita inu outside the museum in an enclosed area or puppies inside the building. The Akita Inu Hall is also home to one of three main Hachiko statues.
Baseball in the Ōdate Dome
  • Ōdate Jukai Dome (大館樹海ドーム). A large indoor arena made from Akita Cedar which is used for sports and other events. According to it is the 157th largest dome in the world. Open: 9:00~21:30 Reception: 9:00~17:00 Admission: ¥100 (if nothing is happening in the dome)
    秋田県大館市上代野字稲荷台1-1 (map) ☎ 0186-45-2500 [ Jukai Dome Official Webpage)
    • The Jukai Dome is often used for sporting events, high school baseball practice in winter, and local festivals. The Kiritampo Festival, Meat Festival, and more are held there.
  • Nagabashiri Fuketsu Museum (長走風穴館). A museum dedicated to an airhole(?) in Odate. A National Natural Historic Monument. Open April ~ November 9:30~16:30
    〒017-0001 秋田県大館市長走字長走362-6 (map) ☎ 0186-51-2005


Odaiko Museum
  • Odaiko Museum (大太鼓の館). A museum dedicated to drums around the world. Home to the world's largest (Guinness World Record holding) drum. Open 9:00~17:00 Admission ¥420
    〒018-3301 秋田県北秋田市綴子字大堤道下62-1 (map) ☎ 0186-63-0111 Homepage (Japanese)
    • This museum houses drums big enough for multiple people to ride on during festivals. There is a video room about the festival, memorabilia from past festivals, a room of playable drums from around the world, and the main room which houses the largest drums. Depending on the day, you may be allowed to play the largest drums yourself! Also, note that the nearby roadstop has green pepper ice cream.
  • Okuzo Kinzan Furusato Gold Mine Museum (大葛金山ふるさと館). A museum about the gold mine that used to support Hinai. Open: 9:00~17:00 Also has a multpurpose hall that can be rented for ¥525 an hour.
    大館市比内町大葛字金山沢口5番地2 (map) ☎ 0186-57-2160 Hompage (Japanese)
  • Hamabe no Uta Music Museum (浜辺の歌音楽館).
    〒018-4301 秋田県北秋田市米内沢字寺の下17-4 (map) ☎ 0186-72-3014 Homepage (Japanese)
  • Foreigners' Museum, Densho Museum (阿仁異人館). Originally built in 1882 for the foreigners who came to the area in connection with the mine.
    秋田県北秋田市阿仁銀山字下新町41-22 (map) ☎ 0186-82-3658 Homepage (Japanese)
  • Bear Park (くまくま園). A small, recently refurbished zoo with over 80 black and brown bears. Open May~November Admission: ¥700 Open April through November from 9:00 - 16:00
    〒018-4731 秋田県北秋田市阿仁打当陣場1-39 (map) ☎ 0186-72-5243 Homepage (Japanese)
    • You can buy food and feed the black bears at the park. There are usually black bear cubs as well. Brown bears tend to be released into the public enclosure in turns by gender. If you are around while the male brown bears are out, you will probably hear them roaring!
Energium Park


  • Noshiro Energium Park (エナジアムパーク). Half park, half power station, so you get the best of both worlds. Includes an indoor arboretum under a glass dome, as well as an outdoor wading pool and free stilts! There's also a small museum here dedicated to Noshiro's festivals and famous kites.
    秋田県能代市字大森山1-6 (map) ☎ 0185-52-2955 Homepage (Japanese)
The Shirakami Mountains


  • Fujisatokan World Heritage Conservation Center (白神山地世界遺産センター「藤里館」). A building that explains the surrounding Shirakami Mountains World Heritage Site. Has halls which show pictures of different areas of the site, as well as a library and DVDs with information about the region.
    〒018-3201 秋田県山本郡藤里町藤琴字里栗63番地 (map) ☎ 0185-79-3001 Homepage (Japanese)


  • Hachimori Bunakko Land (八森ぶなっこランド). A hall dedicated to teaching the next generation about the importance of forests and forestry. Open: Thur~Tue 9:00~17:00 Admission ¥0
    秋田県八森町三十釜地内 (map) ☎ 0185-77-3086 Homepage (Japanese)


  • Mt. Ponpoko Furusato Park (ポンポコ山ふるさと公園). 
    〒018-2509 秋田県山本郡八峰町峰浜沼田字ホンコ谷地253-6 (map) ☎ 0185-76-3322
  • Folk History Museum - Jomon-no Yakata, Mitane-no Yakata (歴史民俗資料館 縄文の館・三種の館). This museum explains the history of the former town of Kotooka from the Jomon period to present day. Open 9:00-16:30 Admission ¥210
    秋田県山本郡三種町鹿渡字東小瀬川51 (map) ☎ 0185-87-2275 Homepage (Japanese)

Central Akita

Akita City

The Akarengakan
  • Red brick Local Museum Akarengakan (赤れんが郷土館). The old Akita Bank Headquarters. After Akita Bank moved into their current building, they donated the red brick house to the city to be used as a museum.
    〒010-0921 秋田県秋田市大町3-3-21 (map) ☎ 018-864-6851 Homepage (Japanese)
  • Neburi Nagashi (Kanto Festival) Center (ねぶり流し館). A small museum which explains the history and traditions behind Akita City's famous Kanto Festival. Here you can experience lifting up the massive bamboo poles for yourself. Open 9:30 to 4:30 Admission: ¥ 100
    〒010-0921 秋田市大町一丁目3番30号 (map) ☎ 018-866-7091 Homepage (Japanese)
Akita Prefectural Museum
  • Akita Integrated Life Cultural Hall・Museum (秋田総合生活文化会館・美術館). Also known as Atorion, this pink and green building houses a few exhibition halls in its upper floors. Atorion also hosts calligraphy and Ikebana exhibitions from time to time as well. The Akita International Association is located on its first floor, and the red cross blood donation center is in its basement.
    〒010-0001 秋田県秋田市中通二丁目3番8号 (map) ☎ 018-836-7860
  • Akita Prefectural Museum (秋田県立美術館). Formerly the Hirano Masakichi Museum of Art, it was taken over by the prefecture a few years ago. It sits at the bottom of Senshu Park. This museum will be relocated to the middle of the city after the new building is completed in July 2012.
    秋田県秋田市千秋明徳町3-7 (map) ☎ 018-873-4121 Homepage (Japanese)
  • Akita Prefectural Koizumigata Park-Suishinen (秋田県立小泉潟公園).
    〒010-0124 秋田県秋田市金足鳰崎字後谷地21 (map) ☎ 018-873-5272 Homepage (Japanese)
Mineral Industry Museum
Senshu Park in Winter
Port tower Selion
  • Omoriyama Zoo (大森山動物園). Akita City's quaint little zoological garden. There are regular busses to the Zoo from the station, although it is much easier to get there by car.
    〒010-1654 秋田市浜田字潟端154 (map) ☎ 018-828-5508 Homepage (Japanese)
  • Mineral Industry Museum (秋田大学附属鉱業博物館).
    〒010-8502 秋田県秋田市手形字大沢28番地 (map) ☎ 018-889-2461 Homepage (Japanese)
  • Aqua Dome "The Boon" Water Park (ザ・ブーン). A water park that is mostly occupied by parents and their small children, but its a fun place for adults, especially when you feel like swimming in the cold winter months.
    〒010-0824 秋田県秋田市仁別字マンタラメ213 (map) ☎ 018-827-2001 Homepage (Japanese)
  • Yuwa International Dahlia Park (秋田国際ダリア園). A park located 3 minutes from Akita Airport by car. Has over 60,000 flowers, and is best seen from August to November. 
    〒010-0124 秋田県秋田市金足鳰崎字後谷地21 (map) ☎ 018-886-2969
  • Senshu Park (千秋公園). One of the "100 parks of Japan," Senshu park is the location of the old Kubota Castle. A green oasis in the center of Akita City, the park is a great place to go running, check out the cherry blossoms in the spring, have a picnic, or take a look at one of the many museums on its grounds.
    秋田県秋田市千秋公園 (map) ☎ 018-886-3131
    • Kubota Castle Osumi Yagura (久保田城御隅櫓). A recreation of the keep of Kubota Castle. It currently houses information about the history of the castle, and the top offers a great view of Akita City.
      〒010-0876 秋田市千秋公園1番4号 ☎ 018-832-1298 Akita City's page (Japanese)
    • Satake Historical Materials Museum (秋田市立佐竹資料館). A small museum celebrating the Satake clan which ruled over Akita for hundreds of years.
      秋田市千秋公園1番4号 ☎ 018-832-7892 Homepage (Japanese)
  • Port Tower "Selion"  (セリオン). Hands down the best place to check out Akita City from above. A scene from the Korean Drama "Iris" was shot here.
    秋田県秋田市土崎港西1丁目9-1 (map) ☎ 018-857-3381


Oga's famous aquarium, GAO
  • Akita Prefectural Oga Aquarium "GAO" (男鹿水族館GAO). As the title suggests, GAO is an aquarium with a surprisingly large variety of aquatic life. The main tank was used for as a filming location for the Korean drama IRIS. Open: 9:00 to 17:00 in summer; 9:00 to 16:00 in winter Admission: ¥ 1100
    秋田県男鹿市戸賀塩浜字壷ケ沢93 (map) ☎ 0185-37-2131 Website (Japanese) Website (Japanese)
    • The coastal drive to Gao and the surrounding area is very beautiful, especially in summer. It is easy to spend at least half a day at the aquarium.
  • Mt. Kanpu Observation Platform (寒風山展望台). This viewing center at the 355 meter summit of Mt. Kanpu offers views of Lake Hachirōgata, Oga Penninsula, and Mt. Chokai to the south. Open March to December every day from 8:30 ~ 6:00 Admission: ¥500 for adults, ¥250 for students.
    男鹿市脇本富永字寒風山62 (map) ☎ 0185-25-3055 Oga Tourism page about the observation platform (Japanese)
  • Namahage Museum (なまはげ館). A museum detailing the history of Akita's mountain demons. You can learn about the history and culture behind the masks, and can also try on the costumes for yourself. Open 8:30 to 17:00 year round. Admission: ¥500 for the main museum, ¥800-1000 for the main museum and the nearby Shinzan Folklore Museum.
    〒010-0686 秋田県男鹿市北浦真山字水喰沢 (map) ☎ 0185-22-5050 Website (English) Website (Japanese)
    • This museum is a popular tourist destination in the winter, which is when Namahage are said to come down from the mountains.
  • Oga Shinzan Folklore Museum (男鹿真山伝承館). Sister institution to the Namahage Museum and is conveniently located in the building next door to it. You can buy shrine goods here as well as experience what it is like for Namahage to visit a house. Admission is only available combined with the Namahage Museum (see above for prices).
    〒010-0685 秋田県男鹿市北浦真山97 (map) ☎ 0185-33-2468 Website (English)
    • The Namahage experience in the Folklore Museum is entirely in Japanese, but worth a try if you haven't done it before. The Namahage may try to scare you or take you away!


Gojome Castle
  • Gojōme Castle (Forest Museum) (五城目城 (森林資料館)). Open April - November 9:00~16:00 Admission ¥210
    秋田県南秋田郡五城目町字兎品沢62-2 (map) ☎ 018-852-3110 Gojome City's Page about the castle (Japanese)


  • Blumesse Akita (ブルーメッセあきた). A road station with a greenhouse and halls where you can view flowers from all four seasons.
    秋田県潟上市昭和豊川竜毛字山の下1-1 (map) ☎ 018-855-5041 Website (Japanese)
Tenno Green Land
  • Tenno Green Land (天王グリーンランド). A facility with areas where you can picnic, barbecue, and relax after all of it in an onsen or two. Has buildings that house the traditions, myths, and histories of the area. Also has a tower where you can enjoy a 360 degree panoramic view of the surrounding scenery.
    〒010-0201 秋田県潟上市天王字江川上谷地109-2 (map) ☎ 018-878-6588 Website (Japanese)


  • Solar Sports Line (ソーラースポーツライン). A race track for testing next generation solar cars.
    秋田県南秋田郡大潟村方上61-16 (map) ☎ 0185-46-3910 Clean Energy Alliance Homepage (Japanese)
  • Akita Bionic Area Ecosystem Park (生態系公園). An outdoor park with a greenhouse where you can see blooming flowers all year round. Open 9:00~17:00 Admission: Free
    〒010-0442 秋田県大潟村字東一丁目一番地 (map) ☎ 0185-45-3111 Homepage (Japanese)


  • Prefectural Museum of Agricultural Science (秋田県立農業科学館).
    〒014-0073 秋田県大仙市内小友字中沢171-4 (map) ☎ 0187-68-2300 Homepage (Japanese)
  • Mahoroba Karamatsu Medieval Period Museum (まほろば唐松 中世の館). A very cool old facility with Akita's biggest Noh stage. Open from 9 - 4 Tue-Sun. Admission is ¥200 for adults and ¥100 for elementary and junior high school students.
    〒019-2411 秋田県大仙市協和境唐松岳44-2 (map) ☎ 018-892-3500
The gate of the Hotta no Saku Ruins
  • Akita Prefecture Archaeological Cultural Heritage Center (秋田県埋蔵文化財センター).
    〒014-0802 秋田県大仙市払田字牛嶋20 (map) ☎ 0187-69-3331 Website (Japanese)
  • Hotta no Saku Ruins (払田柵跡). The ruins of an old military and governmental facility from 1000 years ago. There is a research center associated with the site as well.
    〒014-0802 秋田県大仙市払田字牛嶋20 (map) ☎ 0187-69-2397 Prefectural page about the ruins (Japanese)


  • Cherrybark Craft Folklore Museum (仙北市立角館樺細工伝承館). A small museum and shop that showcases Kakunodates' favorite craft kabazaiku. These crafts are made out of the bark of mountain cherry trees.
    〒014-0331 秋田県仙北市角館町表町下丁10-1 (map) ☎ 0187-54-1700 Homepage (Japanese)
Samurai Manors in Kakunodate
  • Aoyagi Samurai Family Manor (角館歴史村 青柳家). A house that was formerly owned by a prestigious Samurai family in Kakunodate. Now it had been turned into a museum displaying the area's architecture and history.
    〒014-0325 秋田県仙北市角館町東勝楽丁26 (map) ☎ 0187-54-3257 Website (English) Website (Japanese)
  • Hirafuku Memorial Art Museum (平福記念美術館).
    秋田県仙北市角館町表町上丁4-4 (map) ☎ 0187-54-3888 Homepage (Japanese)
  • Tazawako Art Village (たざわこ芸術村).
    秋田県仙北市田沢湖卒田字早稲田430 (map) ☎ 0187-44-3311 Homepage (Japanese)
  • Lake Tazawa Local Museum (田沢湖郷土史料館). A museum detailing the history of the lake. Much is dedicated to the kunimasu-a fish that was thought to be extinct, but was recently found in Lake Tazawa. Closed in the winter and on tuesdays. Admission: free
    仙北市田沢湖田沢字春山197 (map) ☎ 0187-43-0740
  • Tazawako Herb Garden "Heart Herb" (田沢湖ハーブガーデン 「ハートハーブ」). No idea what the place actually is, but it is advertised as a place where you can "feel the herbs with all of your body"
    〒014-1204 秋田県仙北市田沢湖田沢字潟前78 (map) ☎ 0187-43-2424 Homepage (Japanese)

Southern Akita


  • Historical Spot Preservation Folklore Village Amasagi Village (天鷺村)
    ☎ 0184-74-2525 Homepage
  • Amasagi Yuen(Takagi Castle) (天鷺遊園)
    秋田県由利本荘市岩城亀田亀田町亀田町115 ☎ 0184-74-2016
  • Honjō Port Plaza "Aqua Pal" (ボートプラザ アクアパル)
    〒015-0831 秋田県由利本荘市北裏地54-1 (map) ☎ 0184-22-5611 Homepage(Japanese)
  • Herb World AKITA (ハーブワールドAKITA). 
    秋田県由利本荘市西目町沼田字新道下490-5 ☎ 0184-33-4150 Homepage (Japanese)


Antarctic Expedition Museum
  • Children's Ferrite and Science Museum (フェライト子ども科学館). A two story children's science museum with a science park surrounding it. Open Tue~Sun 9:00~17:00 Admission Adults ¥500, Children ¥300
    〒018-0402 秋田県にかほ市平沢字宝田4-1 (map) ☎ 0184-32-3150 Homepage (English), Homepage (Japanese)
  • Shirase Antarctic Expedition Memorial Museum (白瀬南極探検隊記念館). A museum and memorial hall dedicated to Nobu Shirase, the first Japanese person to reach the Antarctic.
    〒018-0302 秋田県にかほ市黒川字岩潟15番地3 (map) ☎ 0184-38-3765 Homepage (Japanese)
  • Kanman Temple (蚶満寺). This famous Soto Zen temple was written about in Matsu Basho's epic work, The Narrow Road to Oku
    〒018-0122 秋田県にかほ市象潟町象潟島2 (map) ☎ 0184-43-3153


Inside Kamakuland
  • Akita Furusato Village "Kamakuland" (秋田ふるさと村). Kamakuland is an enormous tourism complex that is actually connected with the Museum of Modern Art. Here you can browse and purchase traditional Akita crafts and foods, as well as check out the mysteries of the wonder castle.
    〒013-0064 秋田県横手市赤坂字富ケ沢62-46 (map) ☎ 0182-33-6800 Homepage (Japanese)
Museum of Modern Art
  • Akita Prefecture Modern Art Museum (秋田県立近代美術館). Mostly exhibits modern art from Japanese artists. Has a room where you can use HD TVs to look at the artwork close up.
    〒013-0064 秋田県横手市赤坂字富ヶ沢62-46 (map) ☎ 0182-33-8855 Homepage (Japanese)
  • Yojiro Ishizaka Literature Memorial Museum (石坂洋次郎文学記念館). Open 9:00~16:00 Tue~Sun Admission: Adults ¥100, Children free
    秋田県横手市幸町2-10 (map) ☎ 0182-33-5052
  • Fureai Center - Kamakura Hall (かまくら館). The Kamakurakan is a multipurpose building that is half rentable office space and half Yokote history museum. The building is equipped with a massive freezer to allow visitors to experience a real kamakura all year round. In the past, the south block's block meeting has been held here as well.
    〒013-0023秋田県横手市中央町8番12号 (map) ☎ 0182-33-7111 Homepage (Japanese)
  • Heian no Kaze Wataru Park (平安の風わたる公園).
    〒013-0814 秋田県横手市金沢中野三貫堰 (map) ☎ 0182-32-2111
  • Masuda Fureai Plaza (Cartoon Art Museum) (増田ふれあいプラザ)
    〒019-0701 横手市増田町増田字新町285 (map) ☎ 0182-45-5556 Yokote City Page (Japanese)
Modern and Ancient History Museum in Yuzawa


  • Modern and Ancient History Museum (稲庭城). A museum about the area in a reconstruction of a castle from the Kamakura era.
    秋田県湯沢市稲庭町字古舘前平50 (map) ☎ 0183-43-2929 Homepage (Japanese)
  • Innai Silver Mine Museum (院内銀山異人館). Housed in the area's old foreigner house, this museum explains the history of the area's silver mining. Open: Tue~Sun 9:00~16:30 Admission ¥320
    湯沢市上院内字小沢115 (map) ☎ 0183-52-5143 Homepage (Japanese)


  • Tenma Museum of Art (天馬美術館). Opened in 1999, this relatively new museum is located 15 minutes from Yuzawa station by car. Open 10:00-16:00. Closed on Sundays/Holidays. Admission ¥100, children free.
    〒012-1125 秋田県雄勝郡羽後町野中字水無19-1 (map) ☎ 0183-62-0008 Homepage (Japanese)

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