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Scattered throughout Japan are many Shrines and Temples. Serving as places of worship for Shintoism and Buddhism, many shrines and temples open themselves up to the public and have become popular tourism destinations. Akita is no different, with many shrines and temples scattered across the prefecture.

Shrine and Temple Seals

Goshuin (御朱印) are individual seals distributed at most shrines and temples in Japan. They are stamps and specialized calligraphy that can be gathered in special books called Goshuinchos (御朱印帳) which can be bought at some shrines, temples, and book stores. Note that while often collected by tourists, these are still religious seals, so a proper goshuincho is required to receive a seal. The books sell for around 1500 yen, and the average seal costs 300 yen. Goshuinchos are a great way to have a personalized record of your trips around Japan!

Shrines and Temples in Akita

Shrine will be sorted by block.


Name Description Temple or Shrine Goshuin Picture
Asama Shrine This small shrine located in Fujikoto is known for the Asama Festival, with Fujisato's horse dance festival. Shrine Yes
Yasaka Shrine This small shrine in Kazuno is the highest rated shrine in Akita on It is small, cute, and has a very friendly owner. Shrine Yes

Capital Block

Name Description Temple or Shrine Goshuin Picture
Shinzan Shrine This shrine in Oga is located just a short distance from the Namahage Museum. You can stop by both easily for some Namahage fun! Shrine Yes

South Block

Name Description Temple or Shrine Goshuin Picture
Gozanoishi Shrine This shrine in Semboku is one of the two famous shrines on Lake Tazawa. The Tori Gate is famous, and is located right on the water. Shrine Yes
Ukiki Shrine This shrine in Semboku is the other famous shrine on Lake Tazawa. Located near the famous statue, this shrine is actually suspended above the lake. Shrine Yes

Yuri Block

Name Description Temple or Shrine Goshuin Picture
Kinpou Shrine This shrine in Nikaho covers a small forested area. Just a short hike from the shrine, you can see a large waterfall! Shrine No

See also

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  • Omairi, a Japanese website for shrines and temples. You can search by prefecture or "by you".
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