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Aqula beer

This is a page to list all the local beers and their breweries here in Akita.


Botsumeki beer
  • Botsumeki Beer (ボツメキビール)
    • Botsumeki Beer (ボツメキビール)

Akita City

  • Aqula (あくら)
    • Akita Ginjō Beer (あきた吟醸ビール)
    • Akita Bijin no Beer (秋田美人のビール)
    • Kawabata Larger (川反ラガー)
    • Namahage Bock (なまはげボック)
    • Nme neigaa (旨ネイガー)
    • Sakura kōbo beer (さくら酵母ビール) (Seasonal beer)
    • Biscuit Weizen (ビスケットヴァイツェン)
    • Schokoladen bier (ショコラーデンビア) (limited)
    • Lindenbaum (リンデンバウム)
    • Cobra beer (COBRAビール).

Aqula also rents out 20 or 15 litre kegs. The variety of beer changes with the seasons. Cost is ¥19,400 for 20L, ¥14,550 for 15L, or ¥9,700 for 10L and may include gas and tap (if requested). Aqula kegs use Asahi servers. Orders can be made up to 2 days before collecting. Call 0188-62-1841 for more info (Japanese only).


  • Tazawako Beer (田沢湖ビール)
    • ALT (アルトビール)
    • Kolsch (ケルシュビール)
    • Dark larger (ダークラガービール)
    • Pilsner (ピルスナービール)
    • Buna no mori (ぶなの森ビール)
    • Weizen (バイツェンビール) (limited quantity)
    • Sakura (さくらビール)
    • Akita bokushu megumi nijō ōmugi (あきた麦酒 恵 二条大麦)
    • Akita bokushu megumi rokujō ōmugi (あきた麦酒 恵 六条大麦).

Purchasing Craft Beer Online

  • Rakuten Beer Market びあマ. Stocks beers from all around the world.
  • Kakuyasu. Free delivery on orders over ¥2,500.
  • Yoshida Wines. Click on the 世界のビール (World Beers) button on the left side menu.

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