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Cigar smoking in Akita is not overly popular, but there are a few good stores around the prefecture that sell top quality smokes. The following is a list of some of these shops.

Akita City

  • 105 (イチマルゴ). website. ☎ 018-832-5767. Located on the first floor of the FONTE Building.. 〒010-0001 秋田県秋田市中通2丁目8−1、モリタ フォンテAkita 1F. (map). This shop has a small selection of cigars, and is very convenient as it's right by Akita station. Also the owner will do special orders.


  • Nakano Shōten (中野商店). ☎ 0183-73-1208. Right on Omachi Street off of San Road, about a three minute walk from the station.. 〒012-0827、秋田県湯沢市表町1丁目1−2. (map). They have a decent selection of cigars from all over the world. In addition they also have pretty much any kind of tobacco or smoking products you can imagine.


  • Smoker's House (スモーカーズハウス). ☎ 0185-52-6620. On the 101 opposite Second Street.. 〒016-0862 秋田県能代市寿域長根26−7. (map). A tobacco and liquor shop that has a small selection of cigars.

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