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Yasu no Taki: One of Japan's Top 100 Waterfalls

Akita has countless, beautiful waterfalls throughout the prefecture. Many of these waterfalls are among the top 100 in the whole of Japan. Some are difficult to get to and others are accessible year round, but all of them are worth a visit. It should be noted that this is, by no means, not a comprehensive list of waterfalls in the prefecture- just a few notable highlights.

Northern Akita

  • Yasu-no-Taki Falls
    Yasu no Taki lies in the upper reaches of the 8km long Nakanomata Gorge in Ani, Kitaakita. Surrounded by steep cliffs, the two-tiered 90m (295 feet) showcases bright greens in spring, and fiery colors in fall, and carries with it the legend of a forbidden love.
  • Nanataki Waterfall
    Nanataki Waterfall

    Nanataki Waterfall (七滝) is a waterfall in Kosaka. It is one of the "100 waterfalls of Japan," has a small michi-no-eki nearby where you can buy apple ice cream and mountain grape ice cream. You can also buy Kosaka's famous acacia honey here.
  • Choshino Waterfall
    Choshino Waterfall

    Choshino Waterfall is located in the Fujisato area, and is a hidden gem. Take a short path behind an onsen to find yourself in a naturally carved stone dome with a pool.

Central Akita

  • Funoshi-no-taki Falls (伏伸の滝)
    About a 40 minute drive east of Akita City along Route 28, these falls not far down a riverside trail which runs along the Omata River.
  • Kanayama Falls
    Resting near the base of Mt. Taihei, the Kanayama Falls are about 25 minutes north-east of Akita City. There is a small hiking trail, and a shrine nestled into the mountain by this fairy tale river.
  • Michikawao Falls
    Located in the Akita Otakiyama Natural Park, the road to this waterfall is well maintained. Worth a visit for both the falls and the park in general.

Southern Akita

Naso Waterfall
  • Hottai Falls
    Hottai Falls (法体の滝) is a waterfall in Chōkai, Yurihonjō. There is a short hiking trail, a nice waterfall, a large grassy picnic area, and a restaurant. It is one of the "100 Waterfalls of Japan".
  • Naso Waterfall
    Standing 26 meters tall and 11 meters wide, Naso waterfall is one of the more famous waterfalls in Akita. It has been named as one of the "100 waterfalls on Japan", was designated as an important property of Japan in 1932, and in 1950 was named by the Mainichi Shimbun as one of the top 100 tourist sites in Japan.

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