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These are festivals that take place all over Akita. If you know of a festival in your town that isn't listed here, please add it. See also our video introduction to some of Akita's best festivals.

Spring (March-May)

Festival name Description Date Place
Nagasaka Inari Shrine Festival
Festival dedicated to asking various wishes (ie Household safety) to the shrine. Website Second Sunday in March Ouchi, Yurihonjō
A festival that lights fires at night in various different shapes Day of Setsubun* Kamikoani, Kitaakita
Kite Flying Comptition
Third Sunday in March Yuzawa
New Collection Fireworks Display
End of March Daisen
Kawabata Daruma Festival
Festival dedicated to some type of protection against the cold. April 12-13 Akita City
Katakuri Violet Flower Festival
Website Mid to end of April Nishiki, Semboku
Senshu Park Cherry Blossom Festival
Mid to end of April Akita City
Kakunodate Cherry Blossom Festival
Website Mid April to early May Kakunodate, Semboku
Misaki Park Flower Festival
Mid April to early May Kisakata, Nikaho
Kimimachizaka Park Cherry Blossom Festival
Website End of April Futatsui, Noshiro
Japanese National Flower Park Blossom Festival
Website End of April to early May Ikawa
Sashimaki Wetland Mizubasho Flower Festival
Mid April to early May Tazawako, Semboku
Numa Iri Festival
People going into a lake and raising a pole May 1 Yokote
Akita Inu Preservation Exhibition
Akita Inu Preservation Exhibition May 3 Ōdate
Gannin Odori
A special dance probably based on farming customs. Website May 5 Hachirōgata
Oga Tai Festival
A festival in Oga for a delicious fish called Tai. Website May 15 - June 30 Oga
Sakura and Flower Petal Festival
Sakura and Flower watching. Website Mid-May Ōgata
Yomemi Festival
Watching women dressed as brides walking around town. Website Mid-May Noshiro
Senshu Park Azelea Festival
Mid to end of May Akita City

Summer (June-August)

Festival name Description Date Place
Akasia Festival
A festival with various different events including fishing competitions, drumming, and man powered carts. Website June
(2nd Saturday and Sun. in June)
Chokai Kogen Family Adventure!
Family Fun on a mountain Website June
(2nd Sun. in June)
Araya Kashima Festival
Floats going around Araya Website June
(2nd Sun. in June)
Akita City
Komachi Festival
A town festival which includes traditional dances, Yosakoi dance, Taiko Drumming, and various competitons. Probably just to make people happy and celebrate the summer. Website June
(2nd Sun. in June)
Ichigami Festival
A festival dedicated to the city's 500 year old guardian spirit.Website June
Cherry Festival
Website June
(Mid-June to mid-July)
Jumonji, Yokote
Kashima Nagashi
A float drifting down a river Website June 27 Omagari, Daisen
Asamai Park Iris Festival
Akita fan website June
(End of June to start of July)
Hiraka, Yokote
Yatose (Modern Dance) Festival
A Dance Festival in order to raise spirits during the summer. Website June
(Last Saturday and Sun. in June)
Kawabata, Akita City
Ushinori - Kumomai
A tanabata Festival with a twist! Website July 7 Katagami and (?) Oga .... the location is behind Toko Elementary School
Kyowa Tanabata Fireworks

(Start of July)
Kyuhan Festival
Town/Shrine Festival which displays local dances. Website July
(2nd Saturday and Sun. in July)
Tsuzuriko Taiko Drum Festival
Website July 14 & 15 Kitaakita
Towada Lake Festival
Festival with various activities including dance, fireworks, live performances, and boat rides.Website July
(3rd Saturday and Sun. in July)
Tsuchizaki Port Festival
A town festival that involves locals dragging huge wagon things called dashi all over the town. Website July 20-21 Tsuchizaki, Akita City
Junsai (Slimy Vegetable) Festival
Hachirogata Water Festival
Website July
(End of July)
Tazawako Festival
Website July
(4th Saturday and Sun. in July)
Tazawako, Semboku
Oriwatari Jizoson Festival
Website July
(July 24)
Honjo River Matsuri Fireworks Competition
Website July
(Last Saturday and Sun. in July)
Omono River Ikada kudari Competition
Website July
(End of July)
Akita City
World Solar Car Rally
(End of July)
Miyazawa Coast Sunset Festival
End of July Oga
Sand Sculpture Festival
http://www.akitafan.com/sightseeing/detail.html?data_id=1051 End of July start of Aug Hachiryū, Mitane
Mikoshi no Taki Abi
Loads of villagers carry afloat on their backs to a waterfall where they bathe the god under the falling waters. August 1 Happō
Noshiro Nebunagashi
August 3-4, 6-7 Noshiro
Kanto Lantern Festival
Akita's Largest festival. Thousands of people gather ever year to see the people of Akita city hoist up giant racks of lantern weighing up to 50kg in a prayer for a good harvest. Website August 3-6 Akita City
Sennin Shyugyo
Fri., Sat., and Sundays before August 10 Higashinaruse
Tanabata Picture Lantern Festival
August 5-7 Yuzawa
Futatsui Akita Cedar Festival
August 4-7 Noshiro
Hanawa Nebuta Festival
August 7-8 Kazuno
Kiyomizu Festival
1st Saturday in August Misato
Kosaka Tanabata Matsuri
(小坂七夕まつり )
1st Sat. and Sun. in August Kosaka
Large Fireworks Competition
August 8 Yuzawa
Omono River Fireworks
August 10 Akita City
Aikawa Matobi
August 14 Kitaakita

August 15 Happō
Oyu Large Drum Festival
August 15 Kazuno
送り盆まつり(屋形舟) August 15-16 Yokote
きゃどっこ祭り August 15-16 Gojōme
Daimonji Traditional Festival
August 16 Ōdate
Hachiryu Festival
A festival in which locals carry a huge dragon around town. Its to honor the dragon spirit protecting the lake.Website August 16 Showa, Katagami
ふるさと岩見川清流まつり 2nd Sat. and Sun. in August Akita City
Nishimonai Obon Odori Traditional Dance Festival
August 16-18 Ugo
Donpan Traditional Arts Festival
August 16 Daisen
Hitoichi Obon Odori Traditional Dance Festival
August 18-20 Hachirōgata
Hanawa Bayashi Festival
Website August 19-20 Kazuno
Kemanai Obon Odori Traditional Dance Festival
August 21-23 Kazuno
All Japan Fireworks Festival
Omagari's famous fireworks competition that people from all around japan flock to see. During the competition the town's population swells over tenfold. 4th Sat. in August Daisen
大名行列 4th Sun. in August Yuzawa

Autumn (September-November)

Festival name Description Date Place
十和田湖国境祭 First Saturday and Sunday in September Kosaka
Onagori Last of the Summer Festival


Second Saturday in September Noshiro
八朔まつり Second Saturday and Sunday in September Yurihonjō
Komaodori Festival


This traditional dance of the Fujikoto area involves two teams of dancing men. Wearing armor with fake horses, the men of the town dance from early in the day to late at night in order to usher in a good harvest. September 7th (night) and September 8th (All day) Fujisato
Kakunodate Traditional Festival


Huge floats, called 'hikiyama', are pulled across Kakunodate in this 350-year-old festival. Famous for 'yama butsuke' on the final night, when pairs of floats crash together for hours at a time to negotiate right-of-way in Kakunodate's narrow streets. September 7-9 Kakunodate, Semboku
Shinmeisha Festival


Odate Shinmeisha Shrine honors the guardian deity of Odate City. During the reign of the Satake Clan in Odate Castle, the clan’s patron god was also given a place in the shrine. For over 400 years, the festival has given thanks to the local deity and asked for an abundant harvest and continued prosperity. Citizens parade around the city chanting iyasaka—prosperity in Japanese— and pulling elaborate floats.


September 10-11 Odate
金沢神社の掛け唄大会 September 14(night)-15(morning) Yokote
全日本野鯉・鮒釣り大会 Third Saturday and Sunday in September Hachirōgata
院内銀山まつり September 21 Yuzawa
Obonaibushi National Folk Singing Competition


September 22 and 23 Tazawako, Semboku
Kosaka Wine Festival


Third Sunday in September Kosaka
Sannai Imonoko Festival


Eat imonoko soup and watch the imonoko pyramid-building contest. Third Sunday in September Sannai, Yokote
寒風山まつり September 23 and the closest Sunday Oga
Kikuningyo Chrysantheum Doll Festival


October 10 to November 10 Akita Furusatomura, Yokote
本場大館きりたんぽまつり Second Saturday and Sunday in October Ōdate
Amasagi Wine Festival


Mid October Iwaki Town, Yurihonjō
Jumbo Usagi Giant Rabbit Festival


Late October Daisen
霜月神楽 November 7(night)-8(morning) Yokote
All Japan Gotenmari Bauble Contest


Start of November Honjō, Yurihonjō

Winter (December-February)

Festival name Description Date Place
Namahage Festival


December 31 Oga
大日堂舞楽 January 2 Kazuno
Newcomers Music festival


Held annually around the start of January at the Omagari Community Hall in Omagari-Hinodecho. This competition draws interest from all over Japan for two shows, the preliminary heat and the main performance of young up and coming Classical musicians. 2nd Saturday in January Daisen
才の神焼き January 15 Yurihonjō
新山神社裸まいり Third Sunday in January Yurihonjō
三吉ぼんでん祭り January 17 Akita City
Hinai Chicken Festival


Last Saturday and Sunday in January Hinai Town, Ōdate
ゆきとぴあ七曲 Last Saturday and Sunday in January Ugo
Shirase Cup Dog Show


Last Saturday and Sunday in January Nikaho
掛魚まつり February 4 Nakaho
Kamifusen Paper Balloon Festival


February 10 Nishiki, Semboku
Kariwano Giant Tug of War


Tug of war between the two sides of town. It is said that if the North side win, the price of rice will go up; if the South side win, there will be a good harvest. Grab some gloves and join in! February 10 Daisen
大湯温泉雪まつり February 10-11 Kazuno
Amekko Candy Festival


Second Saturday and Sunday in February Ōdate
Namahage Festival


Namahage come down from the mountain to terrify local children. Also features a namahage taiko performance. Second weekend in February (Fri-Sun) Oga
Inukko Snow Dog Festival


Second Saturday and Sunday in February Yuzawa
Shigakko Ice Festival


Second Saturday and Sunday in February Yuzawa
Hiburi Kamakura


Fire-swinging festival. The 13th is the biggest day of the festival, held at 桜並木駐車場 (the big car park by the river) with fire-swinging and fireworks. The 14th takes place in individual neighborhoods. February 13-14 Semboku
Rokugo Kamakura Takeuchi Bamboo Pole Fighting Festival


The bamboo pole fight takes place on the final day (the 15th). February 11-15 Misato
Kamakura Igloo Festival


Eat grilled mochi and drink amazake inside igloos, 6-9pm. There is also a 'pre-Kamakura' festival on the 14th. Free shuttle bus available near City Hall to take you to the castle. February 15-16 Yokote
Yokote Bonden Festival


The Bonden parade/contest is held on the 16th near City Hall (9:30~). On the 17th, the Bondens are carried to a shrine (10:00~) February 16-17 Yokote
River-crossing Bonden Festival


February 17 Daisen
太田の火まつり Mid-February Daisen
Water-throwing Festival


Third Sunday in February Jumonji, Yokote
Tazawako Snow Festival


Features mini-versions of various winter festivals from around Akita. Fourth weekend in February Tazawako Ski Area, Semboku
Lake Towada "Winter Story"


Beautiful snow sculptures, snow slides or rides, fireworks, great traditional Japanese music, hot wine, a cool bar inside a kamakura, and more!

Weekdays, 15:00-21:00, Weekend, 11:00-21:00 Official Japanese Site

First, Second and Third and Fourth weeks in February Kosaka
ジュネス栗駒雪まつり Fourth Sunday in February Higashinaruse

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