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The boundaries of former Honjō City

Honjō (本荘; honjō) is the main district of Yurihonjō, Akita, Japan.


Honjō, located at the heart of Yurihonjō, is a city surrounded by hills (Dewa-kyuryo), plateaus (Yuri-hara) and the sea. It is believed that the area of Honjō was under the sea about 1,000,000 years ago and that its higher zones started gradually emerging some 500,000 years later. By 3000 B.C., some large villages had been formed at the foot of the Dewa-kyuryo.

The name "Yuri" appeared for the first time in Azumakagami, a book written around 1200. The Yuri clan was a powerful family who governed Nikaho, Yashima, Koyoshi and other neighbouring districts. Their territories, however, were confiscated by the government in 1213, and for the following 400 years up to 12 clans ruled over the area together. In the early 17th century, the area was disputed between the government and the local clans. It finally became the property of the Rokugo clan from Ibaraki in 1623 and remained so for about 250 years.

There once was a castle in Honjō, located on the site of today's Honjō Park. As a matter of fact, the old way of writing Honjō, 本城, means "main castle". However this castle can no longer be seen as it was burnt down completely by the members of the Rokugo clan themselves at the end of their reign in 1868.

On April 1st, 1889, the district officially gained the name Honjō Town. On March 31st, 1954, it merged with the villages of Koyoshi, Otomo, Ishizawa, Minami-utetsu, Kita-utetsu and Matsugazaki. Then, on March 22nd, 2005, Honjō Town merged again with the towns of Chōkai, Higashi Yuri, Iwaki, Nishime, Ouchi, Yashima and Yuri to form Yurihonjō.


Honjo Beach

See http://wikitravel.org/en/Yurihonjo for sightseeing and restaurant information.

  • Akata Giant Buddha (赤田大仏, Akata daibutsu). A large indoor standing Buddha in Akata. 
  • Kofuen Sumo Ring (光風園相撲場, koufuen sumou jou). Located 5 minutes walk from Honjō Park, beside Tsurumai Baseball Park. This outdoor sumo ring was the first of it's kind in Akita.
  • Honjō Marina (本荘マリーナ).
  • Honjō Park (本荘公園, Honjō kōen). A large park in the center on Honjō. Each year there is a cherry blossom festival in April and an Azalea Festival in May.
  • Sanbōen (三望苑). A park and camping area located on the north side of Honjō. Because of its elevation there is amazing views over the ocean; a great location to watch the sun set. Open May to October. Tel: 0184-23-4093. Map.


List of all Yurihonjo festivals.

  • Naked Festival (裸参り hadaka maeri). On the third Sunday in January each year. Groups of men and boys walk through the snow carrying various offerings to Shinzan Shrine in Honjō City.
  • Honjō Kite Flying Convention (本荘凧揚げ大会). On the third Sunday in January at Aquapal.
  • Ishiwaki Cellar Fair (石脇蔵の市). On the third Sunday in January at the Saiyashu Zouten. You can see how sake is made.
  • Honjō Sakura Festival (本荘さくらまつり). Every year many people go to Honjō Park to appreciate the beautiful cherry blossoms. From the middle to end of April.
  • Honjō Azalea Festival (本荘つつじまつり). Similar to the Sakura festival, but this time people appreciate Azaleas. From the middle to end of May.
  • Honjō Marina Sea Festival (本荘マリーナ海上祭). On the third Monday in July.
  • Shōbu Carnival (菖蒲カーニバル). On Station street the 1st Friday in August every year.
  • Honjō Fireworks River Festival (本荘川まつり花火大会; Honjō kawa matsuri hanabi taikai). At Aquapal in Honjō on the first Saturday in August from 19:30 to 21:00.
  • Akata Chōkokuji Daibutsu Festival (赤田長谷寺大仏まつり). On 22nd August every year.
  • Honjō Oiwake National Convention (本荘追分全国大会). Honjō Oiwake is a famous folk (minyo) song in Yurihonjō. There is an annual national competition in Honjō at the end of September.
  • Hachiman Jinja Saiten Daimyo Gyoretsu (八幡神社祭典大名行列). On the Sunday before Respect for the Aged Day.
  • Koyoshigawa Haze Fishing Convention (子吉川はぜ釣り大会). Haze is a type of goby fish. On Autumnal equinox Day (usually 23rd September)
  • National Gotenmari Contest (全国ごてんまりコンクール). At the start of November.


AquaPal, (アクアパル).
  • Aqua Pal - (由利本荘市ボートプラザアクアパル). Facility includes a boat storage for competition boats and canoes, Museum of Water and River where you can learn about the history of the Koyoshi River, a multi-purpose hall, and a membership sports gym. Boat and Canoes rentals are also available. Located along the Koyoshi river near Iris Hotel. Yearly Gym membership ¥3,240, for Yurihonjo residents. Workout room open from 09:00 to 21:15. Homepage. Tel: 0184-22-5611.
  • Kadare Cultural Center - (由利本荘市文化交流館カダーレ). Built in 2011, this complex institution is composed of a Multipurpose Transforming Theater, Library, Planetarium and Community Center. Located just west of Ugo-Honjo Station. Area = 11750.0 sqm. Parking 150 units, additional parking for events located next to City Hall. Open from 09:00 to 22:00, closed every 2nd & 4th Tuesday, and 12/29 - 1/3(Library: weekdays until 8pm, Saturday, Sunday and holidays until 6pm.) Homepage. Tel: 0184-22-2500.


  • SamaSama. ☎ 0184-23-0795. 秋田県由利本荘市谷地町91 . An Indonesian style restaurant. Seats 40. Mon-Sat 5PM-11PM. CLOSED
  • Jūjū Tei (じゅうじゅう亭). ☎ 0184-24-1626. Opposite City Hall. 由利本荘市表尾崎町20-3. A yakiniku restaurant. 11:30AM-2PM, 5PM-9:30PM.
  • Ichikoma. ☎ 0184-22-7586. 秋田県由利本荘市岩渕下 いちこま . {{{description}}} 11:30AM-2PM, 5PM-10PM, closed Wed.
  • Warabeuta (わらべ唄). On the NE corner of the traffic light just west of Ugohonjō Station. 秋田県由利本荘市花畑町2丁目68−1 . An okonomiyaki restaurant.
  • Katsuki (かつ喜). website. ☎ 0184-23-0998. 秋田県由利本荘市表尾崎町1-1. Fairly good tonkatsu restaurant. 11:00~21:00.
  • Kisshou shuka (吉祥酒家). website. ☎ 0184 44-8644. 由利本荘市岩渕シタ51. This small Chinese restaurant has tasty lunch sets and large portions. 17:00~??.


  • Chiyogiku (千代菊). ☎ 0184-23-4419. On the north side of Highway 107, just east of Route 7. The house special is toromi ramen (とろみラーメン), and the tanmen is also an excellent choice. See Chiyogiku for more.
  • Oyaji Ramen (おやじラーメン). ☎ 0184-23-5657. Near MaxValu and Yuri High School on Route 105. 秋田県由利本荘市川口八幡前246-1. The namesake ramen here is a tasty tonkotsu dish. 11:00~21:30.
  • Ramen no Don (ラーメンのどん). ☎ 0184-23-5639. In Tsurunuma. A ramen shop.
  • Kōyō (紅葉). ☎ 0184-22-5049. Close to Buffet Garden. A ramen restaurant. 6PM-11PM.


  • Kappa zushi (かっぱ寿司). On Route 7 just past Aeon Super Center. Conveyer belt sushi.
Umai Ichigan Zushi
  • Umai Ichigan Zushi (うまい一丸鮨). ☎ 0184-28-1310. Opposite B-Gal Pachinko. Conveyer belt sushi. 11AM-11PM.
  • Eisuke sushi (栄助寿し). Located by K's Denki and Mos Burger. Conveyer belt sushi.


  • Danmaya Suisan (だんまや水産). website. ☎ 0184-23-8846. 由利本荘市岩渕下 46. An izakaya. 5PM-midnight.
  • Tsurusen Kameman (鶴千亀万). website. ☎ 0184-22-7794. 由利本荘市岩淵下137. An izakaya. 5PM-midnight.
  • Suzuki Shouten (鈴木商店). website. ☎ 0184-44-8204. 由利本荘市給人町20-8. A japanese grilled offal restaurant. Also with some regular yakiniku selection. Mon-Sat 5:00PM-midnight (L.O. 23:30).
  • Uotami Ugohonjo (魚民). website. ☎ 0184-22-7888. 秋田県由利本荘市花畑町2-69-2 ヤマコメビル 1階. An izakaya. 5PM-3AM (5AM on Fri, Sun).
  • Hobata Dinning Rakuya (炉端ダイニング 楽家). website. ☎ 0184-24-3110. 秋田県由利本荘市谷地町122. An izakaya with cheap prices on a yakitori or kushikatsu set. 5PM-2AM L.O.1:30AM (Closed on Sun).
  • Shirokiya (白木屋). website. ☎ 0184-22-5688. 秋田県由利本荘市桜小路58番地. A chain izakaya with one karaoke/kids room. 5PM-5AM.


  • Heavens Dragon (ヘブンズ ドラゴン). Facebook Page website. ☎ 0184-24-3999. A great little bar. Owned by an ex-ALT who runs it with his wife. There is a great selection of craft beers, usually about 12. Also great food and some good cocktails. Seats about 30 people, and NO karaoke. Map. Monday - Thursday 8:00PM-12:30AM, Friday-Saturday 8:00pm-2:30am.
  • Castaways (キャスタウェイズ). ☎ 0184-23-4783. A friendly karaoke bar. It holds 30 people. No seating charge. Map. Daily 7:30PM-2AM.
  • COCO. This karaoke bar is a fixed price of ¥3,500 for men and ¥2,500 for women. You can drink and sing as much as you like from 7:30 to midnight. See COCO for more.
  • SILK (ナイトインパブ シルク). ☎ 0184-24-3487. 秋田県 由利本荘市花畑町4丁目3. A darts bar with 2 darts boards, karaoke and the only pool table in Honjō!
  • Answer. 秋田県由利本荘市裏尾崎90 . A surf themed shot bar. It holds 30 people. Seating charge ¥500. Daily 7PM-2PM.  
  • Socket (ソケット - Party サクル). ☎ 0184-22-0088. A late bar situated directly above Castaways. The sign for this bar is misspelled as 'Praty'. It can hold about 50 people. 8PM-5AM, but may close early if there are few customers.


  • Honjō Market (本荘駅前市場). ☎ 0184-22-5821. On Station Street. An early morning market. Mon-Sat 4AM-7AM.
  • Make (メイク). ☎ 0184-22-5038‎. 由利本荘市美倉町46. A tailor. Great place for mending ripped clothes.
  • Yamaya (やまや). ☎ 0184-74-3796. 秋田県由利本荘市一番堰191-1. Speciality beer and foreign food store. 9:00-21:00.


See Onsen for general information.

  • Tsurumai Onsen (鶴舞温泉). The most popular onsen in Honjō City. Enjoy the large indoor bath with jacuzzi, sauna and cool bath, stand under flowing onsen water or bathe outside. Located beside Honjō Park, it's a 10 minute walk from the train station. Open 8:00-21:30. Tel: 0184-23-7227.
  • Pine Spa Onsen (パインスパ新山; pain supa shinzan). Opened in 2005. It's located near the beach in Ishiwaki. No rotemburo. Open 9:00-21:00. Tel: 0184-28-1661. [1].
  • Anraku Onsen (安楽温泉). Tel: 0184-22-0637. [2].
  • Miroku Onsen (三六温泉). A small, quiet onsen. No rotemburo. Open from "around" 7am to 9pm. Tel: 0184-22-1158


  • Route Inn Hotel (ホテルルートイン). 0184-28-0001. [6]. 秋田県由利本荘市井戸尻50番地.

See [7] for other accommodation options. There are dozens of hotels and ryokans in the area.

Schools & University


Senior high schools

Junior high schools

Special schools

Elementary schools

Health care


  • Yuri Kumiai Sōgō Byōin (由利組合総合病院). The largest hospital in Honjō. It is the purple hospital. Location. Tel: 0184-27-1200.
  • Honjō Daiichi Byōin (本荘第一病院). The other main hospital in Honjō, the pink one. Location. Tel: 0184-22-0111.
  • Yurihonjō Ishikai Byōin (由利本荘医師会病院). This hospital is located in Mizubayashi. Location. The dermatology department is open Mon, Tue, Fri 8:30~11:30 and 13:00~16:00, and Wed 8:30~10:00. Tel: 0184-22-0054.
  • Shimizu Hinyōkika Naika Iin (清水泌尿器科内科医院). English available. Location. This clinic can deal with sexually transmitted diseases. Consultation hours: 08:30-11:30, 13:30-16:30. Tel: (Day) 0184-22-3100, (Night) 0184-22-3100.


  • Sato Dental Clinic (佐藤歯科医院). They speak a little English here. Address: 由利本荘市笹道59. 0184-24-2611.


  • Chūō Shinryōin (中央鍼療院). Address: 〒015-0803 秋田県由利本荘市中竪町49. Tel: 0184-23-1548

Honjō Trash collection schedule

See Yurihonjō garbage collection for instructions on how to separate.

Central district
  Burnable garbage Non-burnable Papers Bottles Cans PET bottles Large items Used batteries
East of Chuo street Mon. Thurs. The 3rd Tues. 2nd & 4th Tues. 1st & 3rd Fri. 2nd & 4th Wed. 2nd & 4th Fri. 3 times a year on specified date. Twice a year on specified date.
West of Chuo street Tue. Fri. The 3rd Mon. 1st & 3rd Wed. 2nd & 4th Mon. 2nd & 4th Thurs. 1st & 3rd Thurs.
Ishiwaki area Tue. Fri. The 3rd Mon. 2nd & 4th Sat. 2nd & 4th Wed. 2nd & 4th Thurs. 1st & 3rd Thurs.

Getting there

  • The main roads into Honjō are R7, R105, R107, R108 and R341.
  • Ugohonjō Station (羽後本荘駅) is on the Uetsu Main Line of JR East railway system.
  • From UgoHonjō Station, 2 companies operate night buses to and from Tokyo: JR's Dream Chōkai and Orion Bus.

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