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Yuri (由利町; -machi) is a district of Yurihonjō, Akita, Japan.



See a list of all Yurihonjo festivals.

  • Yuri Kōgen Snow Festival (由利高原雪まつり). At the end of February.
  • Chōkai Kōgen Yurihara Festival (鳥海高原由利原まつり). On the 1st Sunday in August at Minami Yuirhara Kōgen Seishōnen Ryōko Mura (南由利原高原 青少年旅行村). You can enjoy singing, dancing and fireworks.
  • Yashiki Bangaku (屋敷番楽). On the 16th August.
  • Yuri Kōgen Cosmos Festival (由利高原コスモスまつり). Occurs during much of September.
  • Mizube Plaza's Four Seasons Festival. Actually four festivals, each taking place on one weekend per season. May, August, November, and February. An typical Japanese festival with street food and performances by locals.


It should be noted that Yuri High School is located in northern Honjō, not in Yuri.

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