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Pre-merger Chokai Town

   (This article is about the district in Yurihonjō, for the mountain see Mount Chōkai.)

Chōkai (旧鳥海町) is a district in SE Yurihonjō, Akita. The district covers a large area but has a low population.


  • On March 31st, 1955, the Yuri district villages of Jinego, Kawauchi and Hitane all merged into Chōkai village.
  • On November 1st, 1980, the village of Chōkai gained town status.
  • On March 22nd, 2005, Chōkai Town merged with Honjō City, and the towns of Higashi Yuri, Iwaki, Nishime, Ouchi, Yashima and Yuri to form Yurihonjō.


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  • Hinotodake Yamabiraki (丁岳山開き). On the 1st June the Hinotodake trail opens for hiking. Apparently people meet at Ohira Campground (鳥海大平キャンプ場) and hike Hinotodake and two neighboring peaks. The hike takes 2.5+ hours each way.
  • Shinryoku Festival (新緑まつり). At the start of June.
  • Chōkai Kogen Family Adventure (鳥海高原ファミリーアドベンチャー). On the second Sunday in June.
  • Mt. Chōkai climbing season starts. The climbing trail from Oshimizu (鳥海大清水) opens on the 3rd Sunday of June.
  • Chōkai Shishi Festival (鳥海獅子まつり). On the 16th of August.
  • Chōkai Marathon Taikai (鳥海高原マラソン大会). At the start of October.
  • Hottai Waterfall Autumn Colours Festival (法体の滝紅葉まつり). There is a festival at Hottai no Taki in mid-October.


There is one elementary school and one junior high school in Chōkai Town. Junior high school graduates generally go to high school in Yashima or Honjō.

Former schools

Chōkai Elementary School was formed as a merger of Hitane ES, Kawauchi ES, and Jinego ES in 2013. Chōkai Junior High School was formed in 2000 as a merger of the three previous junior high schools — Kawauchi JHS, Hitane JHS, and Jinego JHS. Decades ago, there were other junior high and elementary schools — in Kogawa, Sarakawa, Momoyake, and perhaps elsewhere.

Over the years the population has decreased. This led to school closures and mergers, and also explains some of the sports at Chōkai JHS. Until 1999, there were three junior high schools (Kawauchi, Jinego, and Hitane). For girls sports, Jinego specialized in table tennis, Hitane specialized in tennis, and Kawauchi specialized in both volleyball and table tennis. So when Chōkai JHS was created, these are the sports that were chosen. For boys sports, perhaps basketball only existed at Jinego JHS before the merger. There is teacher housing in Jinego, not far from the police station and elementary school. Years ago, there was teacher housing in Hitane, but it has long since closed.

Students and ALT 2013-present
Year Chōkai Elementary Chōkai Junior High ALT
2017-2018 123 96 Kate Smith
2016-2017 139 109 Fiona Morton (2M) Kate Smith (10M)
2015-2016 175 130 Ryan Cormier
2014-2015 172 124 Patricia Szczypa
2013-2014 189 138 Russell Kabir
Students and ALT 2001-2013
Year Hitane
Junior High
2012-2013 33 67 116 122 Russell Kabir
2011-2012 33 77 123 143 Douglas Perkins
2010-2011 36 88 134 150
2009-2010 36 89 138 171
2008-2009 46 97 134 161
2007-2008 51 106 139 153
2006-2007 Kevin Kelly
2004-2005 Cisco Dilg
2003-2004 Greg Brisbine
2001-2002 Tracy (Austin?)
Pre 2001 No regular ALT


  • Maruyasu (丸安商店). ☎ 0184-57-3006. 〒015-0501 秋田県由利本荘市鳥海町伏見字久保105. General store and dry cleaners in Kawauchi. It has the best hours and speediest dry cleaning of any shop in Chōkai. Dry cleaning is faster in Honjō and Yuzawa, though.

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