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Japanese archery is growing in popularity worldwide as evidenced by many new and continuing international lectures and competitions. Even seasoned western archers will find kyudo a very challenging but rewarding experience!

Unfortunately, junior high schools don't have their own kyudo clubs, but community kyudojos are very welcoming to foreignors.


(contact Brianna for specifics)

  • Honjo Masami Club (本荘正己会)
Club Rep.- Kikuchi
Where: Honjo Kyudojo
When: Wednesday 7pm - 9pm
Full dojo details + map here (Japanese only)
  • Kyudo Aikoukai (弓道愛好会)
Club Rep.- Miura
Where: Nishime Kyudojo Musoukan
Full dojo details + map here (Japanese only)


(contact Tierra for specifics)

  • Kisakata Kyudo Doukou Club (象潟弓道同好会)
Club Rep.- Kikuchi
Where: Kisakata Doukou Kyudojo (in front of Kisakata Junior High school)
When: most Saturdays and Sundays 10am - noon
Dues: first-time experience free, 3,000 yen for one-year membership (1,500 yen for half a year)
**other practice sessions available upon request
**no practice in case of rain
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  • Nikaho KyuYuu Club (仁賀保弓友会)
Club Rep.- Matsumura
Where: Shijinkan Kyudojo (Nikaho City)
When: Wednesday 9am-noon
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International Kyudo Federation (English!) Akita Kyudo Federation (Japanese only)

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