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Shoyu Ramen

Ramen is a delicious dish that is loved by many here in Akita. Below is a partial list of some of the tastiest joints in the ken.

Akita City

  • Ebiya (えびや). One of the best tantanmen ramens you will likely find in all of Akita Prefecture. Well worth the trip. Hours: 11:00-14:30 and 17:00-20:00, closed on Sundays.
    秋田県秋田市山王2丁目4−6 ☎ 018-863-5856      


  • Torebian A typical Japanese ramen shop run by a former SDF soldier.



  • Manmatsu(万松).
    秋田県潟上市飯田川下虻川字街道下9 ☎ 018-877-4966


  • Ultra (うるとら). On Route 7, on the right. The best of the three ramen shops in that area. Ultra offers better than average ramen fare, a decent all-wooden interior and, on days when it's particularly crowded, the staff will come and take your order the moment you step out of your car!
    〒017-0826 秋田県大館市谷地町9-7 (map) ☎ 0186-44-6250 Website (Japanese)


  • Blue Pack Chokai Ramen (ドライブイン ブルーパーク) As you drive into Kisakata on Route 7 from the north, you will pass the road station on your right, about a minute after the road station, you will see a big blue sign that says Route 58. This road is also called the Blue Line (but Blue Line is only written in katakana). Drive up Route 58 (The Blue Line) until you come to a gas station (it takes maybe 10 minutes to get to the gas station from Route 7). At the intersection where the gas station is, take a right. Follow the road until it ends in a wall, park in front of the wall. The restaurant is on your left. Its worth driving all the way up just for the ramen, but in addition to the ramen, there is a beautiful waterfall (Naso Waterfall) that you can get to if you walk up the stairs in the wall.
    〒018-0153 秋田県にかほ市象潟町小滝字堰7072-1 (map) ☎ 0184-44-2150


  • Manpukku (満腹). In Futatsui. From Futatsui station, turn left at the second intersection, shop with the yellow sign on the left. The shop's name literally translates to 'full stomach,' and it delivers on its promise. Prices are low and portions are huge. The shop offers a variety of ramen and rice-bowl dishes, all of which are guaranteed to conquer your hunger. The perenniel ALT favorite is its patented 'Heart-attack in a Bowl' Tantanmen. Unlike normal tantanmen, the dish includes no sesame, and instead is packed with chilis, eggs, meat, and an assortment of mystery ingredients to make your arteries squeal with delight. Open 11am-6pm, closed on Mondays.
  • Akebono (あけぼの). From the station, turn left at the second intersection, shop with the wooden sign on your right. The shop has a limited menu, but is known primarily for its horse-meat ramen. Open 11am-7pm
  • Negi-bouzu (ねぎぼうず). Down the street from the Futatsui Library, a hole-in-the-wall defined by the long line of patrons waiting to get in. Its hours are more unpredictable than Akitan weather. Entirely hand-made, hand-crafted ramen-- deservedly the most popular ramen shop in town. The miso ramen comes seasoned with lemon.


  • Nishiki (錦) Ōdate's most popular ramen restaurant. Located along Route 7 north of central Ōdate in Shakanai.
  • Menmaru (ラーメンめん丸). Located opposite the Katayama post office. It has a wide selection and is famous for it's karamiso (spicy miso) ramen (辛みそラーメン)
  • Ichiro (いちろ). Located on Route 7, between Tashiro and Odate-proper. An excellent ramen shop with an extensive menu and all-wood interior. Has both a large counter and some tatami space available for groups. The black sesame tantanmen is highly recommended.


  • Kashiwa Shokudou (かしわ家食堂). Kashiwa Shokudou is essentially a ramen shop that is quite well renowned in this area (Nishiki). The food is affordable and if you are in the area, one of the best restaurants that you can stop by. The location is adjacent to Hinokinai Junior High School, please see map for more details.
    秋田県仙北市西木町桧木内字高屋1 (map) ☎ 0187-48-2710


  • Pekin (北京)
  • Iizuka (飯塚)
  • Maruei (丸栄)


  • Daigen Ramen (大元). Closed every Wednesday. Ranked one of the top three Best Ramen Shops In the Tohoku Region. The Miso Ramen is highly recommended. It is rumored that the Master used to box semi-professionally in Japan. Daigen's Master and his wife are incredibly kind people with some of the best service in Yuzawa. Arguably the best Ramen Shop in Akita. Make sure to bring a business card to leave on the shop wall o' meishi. Open 12:00-5:00pm.
    秋田県湯沢市材木町1丁目3-46 (map) ☎ 0183-73-9737
Tonkotsu Ramen
  • Kamontei Ramen (嘉門亭). The king of late night ramen in Yuzawa. Usually the last stop on the enkai express. Open from around 7pm - whenever. Located right behind Pocket Bar. Menu includes Miso, Negi Miso, Chuuka, and Tonkotsu Shoyuu ramens. Tonkotsu Shoyuu is the top recommendation.
    秋田県湯沢市表町2丁目1-21 (map) ☎ 0183-72-7095
  • Ajio (味王). Translates as "taste king." Ramen is not bad, but the main attractions here are the wontons, gyoza, and chahan. The master and his wife are a sweet and comic duo, just don't let her kiss you because she won't stop. Located right across from Bier Bar Rosso Corsa near the station.
    秋田県湯沢市表町2丁目1-23 (map) ☎ 0183-73-4476
  • Ichibou (一坊). Tiny soba place on Omachi road, just past the intersection with san-road. Reasonable prices with decent enough food. The miso soup that comes with their ricebowls is quite good, if you like mushrooms.
    秋田県湯沢市柳町1丁目1-8 (map) ☎ 0183-73-2479
  • Suzuya (鈴屋). Located right across from the Bunkakaikan, the shoyu ramen is whats recommended here. Caution, this ramen is VERY oily. If you like oily ramen, dig in.
  • Yamagami (やまがみ). Located on 277 right across from 4or Style. Lots of good options, but you can't go wrong with the house ramen, or the chashu negi miso. Most are tonkotsu base. Gyoza are cheap as well. Open for lunch 11-2, then for late dinner 6-11.
  • Chojuken (長寿軒). 2 locations in Yuzawa. One right on San-road next to the toy and hobby store, then one back behind Cowbell. Shoyu ramen is the recommended rig here.

Outside Akita

  • Shin-Yokohama National Raumen Museum
    Hours: 11:00〜23:00 (Last entry at 22:00)
    Shin-Yokohama Ramen Mueseum is home to nine delicious ramen shops as well as a museum about ramen.

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