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Tazawako (田沢湖町; -machi) is a district located in Semboku, Akita, Japan.


  • On September 20th, 2005 Tazawako town merged with the town of Kakunodate and the village of Nishiki to form the new city of Semboku.

Sightseeing Destinations

Lake Tazawa (田沢湖).
  • Lake Tazawa (田沢湖)is the deepest lake in Japan at 423.0 m. Because of this extreme depth it never freezes over even in the coldest of winters. Local tradition however, claims that the reason for this is actually two dragons making sweet sweet love in the lake during the winter.
  • Nyuto Campground is a campground located in Tazawako and is not too far from Lake Tazawa.
  • Tazawako Ski Area (田沢湖スキー場)
  • Dakigaeri Gorge (抱返り渓谷)


  • Nyuto Onsen (乳頭温泉)
    • Tsuru no Yu (鶴の湯)
    • Tae no Yu (妙乃湯)
    • Kuroyu(黒湯)
    • Ganiba(蟹場)
    • Magoroku(孫六)
    • Ōgama(大釜)
  • Hachimantai Onsen (八幡平温泉)
    • Tamagawa Onsen (玉川温泉)
    • Ōbuka Onsen (大深温泉)


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