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Every year AAJ organizes a night of camping, barbecue, beaching, swan-boating, etc. etc. etc. at Lake Tazawa for a good cause.! It's always a fun time every year. Lake Tazawa is the deepest in Japan, one of the most beautiful places in the prefecture, and a great spot for onsens and hiking as well!

If you haven't made it out to the Lake Tazawa area yet, join us this year for some fun under the stars!

2011 Tazawako Camping

Camping 2012!

Date and Time TBD

¥2,000 per person (volunteers ¥1,500: volunteers needed for transporting supplies, cooking, cleaning, etc.)

On Saturday night we will have a BBQ at the campsite: campers are asked to bring meat and vegetables to contribute to the BBQ, as well as any drinks, snacks, and desserts you’d like! Breakfast (eggs, etc.) will be supplied in the morning before checkout.

We have comfortable cabin places for about 25 people; these will be allocated on a first-come first-serve basis. There are also tent spaces near the cabins. You can bring your tent or hire one.

  • there is no price difference for a cabin or tent, as we have to pay tent site fees and a general camping fee regardless.

To Bring
-food- meat etc. for BBQ, drinks, snacks
-sleeping supplies (futon/sleeping bag, any pillows/sheets desired)
-tent equipment if sleeping in a tent
-wet weather gear
-cold weather gear: jacket etc. (it will be cold at night!!)
-sunscreen/hat/sunglasses; insect spray
-flashlights/lanterns; picnic supplies

-swimming gear
-onsen gear
-hiking gear
-cards, sporting equipment

Getting there
Getting the train

Trains The nearest station is called "Tazawako". You can use www.hyperdia.com to find schedules and fares. From the station you can catch a bus to ‘Tazawako-han’, taking about 15 minutes. The campsite is a five minute walk from there.

From the southeast, take Route 13 north to Omagari, turn right onto Route 105 in Omagari, continue to Kakunodate, turn right onto Route 46 in Kakunodate, and then left onto the 341 as you come nearer to Tazawa, then a left turn towards the lake road (there will be a lot of signs for the Lake at this intersection) and a left turn onto the lake road. The campground will be shortly therafter on the left hand side of the road.

From the north, take the 105 or 341 south. From the 341 it's a right turn towards the lake (plenty of signage), left turn onto the lake road. Campground is on the left. From the 105, turn left onto the 46 in Kakunodate, left onto the 341, etc. (follow dir. as from southeast)

From the west (Akita City): 13 South into Kyowa, left onto the 46, pass Kakunodate, left onto the 341, etc. (follow dir. as from southeast)


Official Lake Tazawa Campsite website
Google Maps


Year Date Venue Ticket Attendance Profits Cause
2015 Not held
2014 September 27-28 Tazawako Campground ¥2,000/overnight, ¥1,000/day 34 ¥32,000 Misonotenshien Orphanage
2014 June 7-8 Tazawako Campground ¥2,000 ? ¥? ?
2012 September 29-30 Tazawako Campground ¥2,000 37 ¥37,250 Room to Read library project in Laos
2011 October 1-2 Tazawako Campground ¥2,000 ? ¥? Smile Kids Japan
2010 September 25-26 Tazawako Campground ¥2,500 35 ¥47,222 Room to Read International
2009 October 3-4 Tazawako Campground ¥2,500 ? ¥33,451
2008 September 13-14 Tazawako Campground ¥2,000 27 ¥34,000 Room to Read
2007 September 22-23 Tazawako Campground ¥2,000 ? ¥26,000 Everest of Apples
2006 September 23-24 Tazawako Campground ¥1,000 ~40 ¥?
2005 September 10-11 Tazawako Campground ¥? ¥?


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