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The following is a summary of the events of Charity Akita (CA) (チャリティ秋田) for the JET year August 2016 to July 2017.

Board of Directors

Executive Director Deputy Director Director of Finance Secretary Social Media Manager
Maeleen Arce Amber Shamma Peter Hall Stephanie Gross Derek Bonilla

Board of Directors selection process

Donations and Finances

Event Profits Cause Donation Donated
Akita Orientation Sushi Dinner Non-charity event
Welcome Party ¥70,847 EMA Japan ¥70,847 2017, Sep 11
SDC Taco Dinner Cancelled due to typhoon
Halloween Dance Party ¥279,823 Blue for Tohoku ¥279,823 2017, Nov 13
¥5,000 Akita Frog ¥5,000 2017, Nov 8
Christmas Caroling ¥23,300 Misonotenshien Orphanage ¥24,121 (in books & toys) 2017, Dec 2
Appi Ski Trip ¥ ¥
St. Patrick's Day Party ¥ ¥
Akita International Sumo Basho ¥ ¥
Goodbye Party ¥ ¥
Total ¥0 ¥0

Akita Orientation Sushi Dinner

The SDC Akita Orientation Sushi Dinner was a non-charity event held at the Prefectural Education Center in on August 16. There were 21 attendees. The cost of the dinner was ¥1,200 each.

Expenses Income
Sushi dinners (from Kappa sushi) 24,500
Drinks 706
Credit Card Handling Fee 110
Dinner fee
 21 × ¥1,200

Private donations 116
25,316 25,316
Total ¥0

Welcome Party

The Welcome Party was held at Orange House, Shimohama Beach on September 2. There were 57 attendees. In total ¥70,847 was raised for Equal Marriage Alliance Japan
Proceeds from the event were donated by bank transfer to EMA Japan on Sept 11, 2017.

Expenses Income
Orange House rental
 57 × ¥500

Drinks 29,817
Various supplies 1,836
Barbecue 20,000
Ticket sales
 57 × ¥1,500

Drink sales 65,500
80,153 151,000
Total ¥70,847

Halloween Dance Party

The Halloween Dance Party was held at Jamhouse in Akita City on October 28. There were 167 attendees. ¥279,823 was raised for Blue for Tohoku from ticket sales, and ¥5,000 was raised for Akita Frog (あきた冒険遊びfrog) from a 50/50 raffle. The winner of the 50/50 Raffle was ??.
Proceeds of ¥279,823 was donated by bank transfer to Blue for Tohoku onNovember 13, 2017, while proceeds of ¥5,000 was donated by bank transfer to Akita Frog on November 8, 2017.

Expenses Income
Jamhouse rental 70,000
Printing & advertising 10,390
Decoration & supplies ?
Costume Contest prizes ?
Ticket and drink sales 369,000
50/50 Raffle 5,000 10,000
94,177 379,000
Total ¥284,823

Christmas Caroling

The Christmas Caroling was held at Akita Station in on December 2. There were 15 attendees. Participation was free. In total ¥23,300 was raised for Misonotenshien Orphanage, but the gifts purchased amounted to ¥24,121 so CA covered the ¥821 difference.
This money was used to buy books (¥8,219) and toys (¥15,902) for the orphans. These gifts were delivered on the same day as the event, Dec 2, 2017.

Expenses Income
Caroling permission fee 2,250
Printing 2,110
Received donations 27,660
CA contribution 821
4,360 28,481
Total ¥24,121

Appi Ski Trip

St. Patrick's Day Party

Akita International Sumo Basho

Goodbye Party

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