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Pension Mutti
The Appi Ski Trip

The Charity Akita's Appi Ski & Snowboarding is an annual Charity Akita (formerly Akita Association of JETs) charity event that started in 2009. Charity Akita organizes accommodation for 2 days of skiing or snowboarding. Skiing on the trip is traditionally done at Appi Kōgen in Iwate Prefecture, with lodging accommodations provided by the nearby Pension Mutti.


These are the prices as they were on the 2020 ski trip. They are subject to change.

Item Price Description/Notes
Pension ¥8,500 The base price. This price includes lodging at the Pension, two meals (dinner and breakfast), the Pension's outdoor bath, and access to discounted lift tickets and rentals. Typical rooms accommodate two or three (although there are also rooms for large groups). This is a discounted, group rate.
Lift Tickets ¥4,000* The standard, one-day lift ticket with access to every run at Appi Kogen. Acquire (purchase) a voucher for the lift ticket from Pension Mutti before you depart for the hill; this voucher is exchanged for the appropriate lift ticket at the ticket booth on the mountain. If you plan on skiing/boarding both days, you will need to acquire separate vouchers/tickets on the morning of each day.
Rentals ¥varies Pension Mutti (I believe) offers discounts on rental equipment, too. If you require rentals, discuss it with the owner before you leave for the hill. Appi would offer full sets of skiing and/or boarding equipment (plus, potentially, even ski wear as well).
Drinks ¥varies Meals at the pension are included in the base price. If you would like a drink with dinner, the Pension has a list of drinks available for purchase (see the Meals section below). The tab is settled the following morning (or when you leave).

*Beginner lift tickets, which cover only the beginner lifts, cost ¥3,100. Pension Mutti does not offer vouchers for these.


Pension Mutti Exterior
Pension Rooms (twin room; one of two beds pictured)

Pension Mutti
605-51 Appi Kogen, Hachimantai-shi, Iwate, 028-7306
〒028-7306 岩手県八幡平市安比高原605-51

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Pension Mutti offers dinner and breakfast to those who lodge for the night. The cost of the meal is included in your lodging fee; drinks are available for purchase. You will be asked to pay for any drinks at check-out. The exact menu is subject to change based on what is locally available to the pension. This is the menu as it was on the 2017 trip.


Course Description
First Ceaser salad and appetizers: (clockwise from top) diced carrot, eggplant in tomato sauce, cheese, quiche, fish cake, sliced cucumber, and curry pumpkin (center)
Second Cream of potato soup
Third Grilled char or sockeye salmon (depending on availability) in Lheraud Pineau des Charentes-based sauce with almonds (char pictured below)
Fourth Steak with baked potato, steamed carrot, and okra stick (pictured with glass of red wine below)
Fifth Vanilla ice cream topped with jam and fruit with raspberry tart


Course Description
First Green salad with bottomless coffee (or tea on request)
Second Cream of corn soup
Side Bread rolls (made with local flour; seconds available on request)
Main (clockwise from top) Potato salad, potato fritter, scrambled eggs, sausage (with ketchup and mustard), yogurt (center)


No. Year Date Venue Ticket Attendance Profits Cause
1 2009 Feb 27-Mar 1 Pension Mutti ¥25,000 21 ¥133,000 Room to Read
2 2010 February 26-28 Pension Mutti ¥25,000 14 ¥65,800 Room to Read
3 2011 February 26-27 Pension Mutti ¥22,500 15 ¥20,000 volunteerAKITA
4 2012 February 24-26 Pension Mutti ¥? ? ¥? ?
5 2013 January 26-27 Pension Mutti ¥16,000 15 ¥10,000 ?
6 2014 February 22-23 Pension Mutti ¥14,500 23 ¥0
7 2015 January 24-25 Pension Mutti ¥16,500 23 ¥0
8 2016 February 27-28 Pension Mutti ¥12,000 27 ¥0
9 2017 February 25-26 Pension Mutti ¥15,500 19? ¥0
10 2018 February 17-18? Pension Mutti ¥15,500? ? ¥0
11 2019 February 16-17 Pension Mutti ¥16,500 19 ¥0
12 2020 February 15-16 Pension Mutti ¥16,500 9 ¥0
2021 cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic
2022 cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic
13 2023 February 25-26 Pension Mutti ¥~ ~ ¥0

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