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The following is a summary of the events of Charity Akita (CA) (チャリティ秋田) for the JET year August 2016 to July 2017.

Board of Directors

Executive Director Deputy Director Director of Finance Secretary Community Liaison Admin. Assistant
Michael Aubrey Maeleen Arce Jessica Fareri Domonique Owens Mihoko Kakuta Joey Griggs

Board of Directors selection process

On June 14, 2016 a new charter was adopted. In this charter the selection process is outlined as follows: The executive director is selected from the previous years board of directors. The new executive director then chooses a deputy director and director of finance, and any other positions required.

Donations and Finances

Event Profits Cause Donation Donated
Akita Orientation Sushi Dinner - ¥20,690 n/a
Welcome Party ¥73,959 Akita Family House ¥73,960 2016, Sept 9
SDC Taco Dinner ¥15,640 Akita Frog ¥19,540 2016, Nov 8
Halloween Dance Party ¥3,900
¥381,124 Blue for Tohoku ¥381,124 2016, Dec 7
Christmas Caroling ¥37,593 Misonotenshien Orphanage ¥37,593 (in books & toys) 2016, Dec 10
Appi Ski Trip ¥0 n/a
St. Patrick's Day Party ¥60,000 Japan Association for Refugees ¥60,000 2017, Mar 22
Akita International Sumo Basho ¥79,014 Mirai no Mori ¥79,014 2017, Jun 16
Goodbye Party ¥53,692 Charity Akita reserve fund n/a
Total ¥684,232 ¥651,231

Akita Orientation Sushi Dinner

The SDC Charity Dinner was held at the Prefectural Education Center in on August 16. There were 22 attendees. The cost of the dinner was ¥1,000 each. In total -¥20,690 was lost on this event. The ¥20,690 was taken from the Charity Akita Reserve Fund to cover the loss.

Expenses Income
Sushi dinners (from Kappa sushi) 43,146
Drinks 1,396
Utensils and dinnerware 648
Dinner fee 22,000
Individual donation 2,500
45,190 24,500
Total - ¥20,690

Welcome Party

The Welcome Party was held at Orange House, Shimohama Beach on September 3. There were 61 attendees. In total ¥73,959 was raised for Akita Family House
Proceeds from the event were donated by bank transfer to Akita Family House on Sept 9, 2016.

Expenses Income
Orange House (¥500 per person) 30,500
Float 48,000 48,000
Drinks 27,525
Various supplies 5,316
Ticket and drink sales 137,300
111,341 185,300
Total ¥73,959

SDC Charity Dinner

The SDC Charity Dinner was held at the Prefectural Education Center in on October 24. There were 17 attendees. The cost of the dinner was and soft drinks was ¥1,500. Remains stocks of soft drinks/cups etc from the Welcome Party were used, so no money on these was incurred. In total ¥15,640 was raised for Akita Frog (あきた冒険遊びfrog).
Proceeds from the event were combined with the proceeds from the 50/50 Raffle at the Halloween Party (5 days later) and donated by bank transfer to Akita Frog on November 8, 2016.

Expenses Income
Taco rice dinners (from Mi-Go) 9,860
Drinks & snacks 0
Travel expenses 0
Dinner fee 25,500
9,860 25,500
Total ¥15,640

Halloween Dance Party

The Halloween Dance Party was held at Jamhouse in Akita City on October 29. There were 221 attendees. ¥381,124 was raised for Blue for Tohoku from ticket sales, and ¥3,900 was raised for Akita Frog (あきた冒険遊びfrog) from a 50/50 raffle. The winner of the 50/50 Raffle was Jessica Ford.
Proceeds of ¥381,124 was donated by bank transfer to Blue for Tohoku on December 7, 2016', while proceeds of ¥3,900 were added to the proceeds from the SDC Charity Dinner (¥15,640) and a total of ¥19,540 was donated by bank transfer to Akita Frog on November 8, 2016.

Expenses Income
Jamhouse rental 70,000
Jamhouse wall damage * ¥0
Decoration & supplies 19,406
Costume Contest prizes 4,970
Ticket and drink sales 475,500
50/50 Raffle 3,900
94,376 479,400
Total ¥385,024

* During the party there was an incident where someone tried to enter the party without paying. When turned away, he punched a hole into Jamhouse's cutter hallway wall. Later Jamhouse received compensation without needing Charity Akita's contribution. This delayed the donation until December 7th.

Costume Contest

Christmas Caroling

The Christmas Caroling was held at Akita Station in on December 10. There were 20 attendees. Participation was free. In total ¥37,593 was raised for Misonotenshien Orphanage.
This money was used to buy books (¥10,999) and toys (¥26,594) for the orphans. These gifts were delivered on December 19.

Expenses Income
Caroling permission fee 2,250
Received donations 39,843
2,250 39,843
Total ¥37,593

Appi Ski & Snowboard Trip

The Appi Ski & Snowboard Trip was held at the Appi All Seasons Resort in Iwate Prefecture on February 25th and 26th, 2017. There were 17 attendees. This event was not for charity so all of the money AAJ handled went directly towards covering the costs of the event.

It cost ¥8,500 per person to stay at the Pension Mutti (lodging and food). Lift pass prices varied. CA collected ¥144,500 from the 17 attendees in order to pay for lodging. This payment was also used to reserve a space on the trip. The lift passes were paid for individually by the attendees on the days of the trip.

Facebook event page

St. Patrick's Day Party

The St. Patrick's Day Party was held at Live Space (四階) Studio London (スタジオロンドン) in Akita City on March 18. There were 66 attendees. ¥60,000 was raised for Japan Association for Refugees from ticket sales.
The proceeds were donated by bank transfer to Japan Association for Refugees on March 22, 2017.

Expenses Income
Venue rental (¥500 p/p) 33,000
Ticket sales
 12 × volunteers @ ¥1,000
 54 × attendees @ ¥1,500

33,000 93,000
Total ¥60,000

Akita International Sumo Basho

The 13th annual Akita International Sumo Basho was held at the Akita Kenritsu Budokan on Saturday, June 10th, 2017. Total attendance was about 97 persons, including volunteers and wrestlers. 14 individuals participated in the men's bracket, while 5 participated in the women's bracket. Admission was ¥1000 for adult spectators, ¥500 for high school students, junior high school students, volunteers, and wrestlers, and free for elementary school students or younger children. Between admissions and the bake sale that was run simultaneously at the event, ¥79,014 was raised for Mirai no Mori.

Expenses Income
Venue rental 9,350
Food & drinks for wrestlers 7,747
Prizes 7,704
Posters & supplies 4,365
Ticket sales
 19 × wrestlers @ ¥500
 17 × volunteers @ ¥500
 59 × attendees @ ¥1,000
 2 × ES students @ free

Bake sale 27,180
Anonymous donation 4,000
29,166 108,180
Total ¥79,014

Facebook event page

Farewell Party

The Farewell Party (aka Goodbye Party) was held at Orange House, Shimohama Beach on July 8. There were 39 attendees. In total ¥53,692 was raised. It was decided that the money raised from this event would be added to the Charity Akita reserve fund to cover operating costs throughout the year.

Expenses Income
Orange House 19,500
Assorted Party Supplies 5,106
Drinks 18,124
Ticket sales
 39 × attendees @ ¥1,500
 Sale of drinks

Donation 322
42,730 96,422
Total ¥53,692


Expenses Income Date Note
Akita Wiki hosting (Hostigation) 4,334 Jan 21, 2017 Nov 22, 2016 to Nov 21, 2017
Total ¥4,334

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