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Poster for the 2012 Halloween Dance Party
2007 Halloween Dance Party

The Halloween Dance Party is an annual Charity Akita (formerly AAJ) charity event held in October since 2005. It has been heald at various locations over the years; Club Bloom, Dreamworld, Club AK and Jamhouse in Akita City. This event is a great chance for JETs throughout the prefecture to get together and is also popular with the local Japanese community. We hope to see you there this year!

Halloween 2012

The 8th annual dance party will have a costume contest. And the first 100 guests will receive either a glow wrist-band, necklace, glasses or magic wand.

Date: Saturday, Oct. 27th, 9pm to 4am
Entry: ¥ 2,500
Location: Jamhouse

Check out the Halloween Dance video to see just how awesome this party is. ALTs know how to party and raise money!


The Halloween Dance Party is run completely by volunteers. All bar staff, DJs, door staff, and set-up/cleaning personnel volunteer their time to make this party a success.

All volunteers are given a discounted entry price and the eternal gratitude of the coordinators.


Akita JETs and local DJs such as Imu, Wil, Mutsumi, Aanya, Anthony, Mike will provide excellent music at the Halloween Dance Party.

Attendance & profits

Attendance and profits have consistantly risen since 2005 as the event has gained popularity with the local Japanese and Foriegn community. The Halloween Dance Party is Akita's most successful fundraising event!

Year Date Venue Ticket Attendance Profits Cause
2017 October 28 Jamhouse ¥2,500/person, ¥2,000/student, ¥1,500/volunteer 167 ¥284,823 ¥279,823 to Blue for Tohoku & ¥5,000 to AkitaFrog from 50/50 Raffle
2016 October 29 Jamhouse ¥2,500/person, ¥2,000/student, ¥1,500/volunteer 221 ¥381,124 ¥381,124 to Blue for Tohoku & ¥3,900 to AkitaFrog from 50/50 Raffle
2015 October 31 Jamhouse ¥2,500/person, ¥2,000/student 327 ¥626,873 ¥615,973 to Blue for Tohoku & ¥10,900 to AkitaFrog from 50/50 Raffle
2014 October 25 Jamhouse ¥2,500/person, ¥2,000/student 200+ ¥487,820 Peace Winds Japan
2013 October 26 Jamhouse ¥2,500 317 ¥639,525 ¥100,000 was donated to each of the following: Paediatric wards at Nakadori Hospital, Niiseki Hospital, and Akita University Hospital. Kanonkō Orphanage.
2012 October 27 Jamhouse ¥2,500 240 ¥480,286 Room to Read for library in Laos. Christmas presents for children at an orphanage in Akita City.
2011 October 29 Jamhouse ¥2,000 ? ¥361,718 Volunteer Akita
2010 October 30 Club AK ¥2,000 185 ¥329,663 Room to Read International
2009 October 31 Club AK ¥2,500 233 ¥488,357 Construction of a school in Laos
2008 November 1 Dreamworld ¥2,500 174 ¥350,591 Room to Read
2007 October 27 Dreamworld ¥2,000 172 ¥284,978 Building a school in Nepal
2006 November 4 Club Bloom ¥2,500 133 ¥296,500
2005 October 29 Club Bloom ¥2,500 158 ¥180,900 Construction of Prajwal School


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