Room to Read 2010-2011 Annual Summary

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Room to Read 2010-2011 Annual Summary

The following is a summary of the Room to Read Akita JET 2010-2011 year, containing events, dates, attendees, income-expenses, profit, and profit distribution. It is made available here on the Akita JET wiki so that all community members can see the results of their support- a huge thank you to all our volunteers and everyone who’s attended an event!

As seen on this page, Room to Read Akita JET has raised 528,470 yen in this year. 417,095 yen went directly to Room to Read, and 21,375 has been set aside for our community projects (funding this wiki, and the ‘11/’12 Hanabi magazine). Following the March 11 Tohoku Earthquake and Tsunami, 60,000 yen has gone to volunteerAKITA’s Fruit Tree Project, and 30,000 yen went to Smile Kid’s Tohoku Kids Project.

For more information, including individual Event Reports and past year’s profits, please contact

Room to Read Akita JET 2010-2011
Event name Date Attendance Income/Expense Profit Profit distribution
Orientation Tatami Party 12th August 45 64,500-22,336 42,164 RtR: 42,164
Lake Tazawa Camping 25-26 Sept. 35 87,500-40,278 47, 222 RtR: 47,222
Conference Tatami Party 14th October 60 75,000-44,000 31,000 RtR: 31,000
Conference Book Swap 14th October n/a n/a 4,268 RtR: 4,268
Halloween Dance Party 30th October 185 570,850-231,187 339,663 RtR: 339,663
APPI Ski Trip 26-27 Feb. 15 n/a 20,000 vA: 20,000
International Sumo Basho 5th June 90 114,400-23,025 91,375 vA: 40,000; Smile Kids: 30,000; RtR account: 21,375
TOTAL: 528,470 RtR: 417,095; vA: 60,000 Smile Kids: 30,000; RtR account: 21,375

About the projects we've supported:

Room to Read is an international charity founded in 2000, focusing on literacy and gender equality in education for children in developing countries. The group builds schools and libraries, and provides scholarships. The Akita JET community has supported them since 2007.

volunteerAKITA was founded in April 2011 in response to the March 11 Tohoku earthquake and tsunami, bringing together ALTs and the Akita community to continue the relief effort. Their projects include “The Fruit Tree Project” and “The Big Clean”.

Smile Kids was founded by ALTs in 2008. Through their “Tokoku Kids Project”, they aim to provide immediate and long-term material and emotional support to orphanages, in areas affected by the March 11 earthquake and tsunami.

The Akita JET Wiki is an ongoing community project created by JETs for JETs, about life in Akita as an ALT or CIR. As a resource for new and current JETs, the wiki also provides a calendar of events and a forum.

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