Moriyoshi Ski Resort

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Moriyoshi Ski Resort (森吉スキー場)

Moriyoshi Ski Resort was located on the north side of Mt. Moriyoshi, in Kitaakita.

After Prince Hotels Company acquired both Ani and Moriyoshi resorts, they selected to shut down Moriyoshi rather than have their two ski resorts compete against each other. Moriyoshi was last operating in March 2006. Moriyoshi Ski Resort had two quad lifts.

The contract which Moriyoshi Ski Resort operated under stipulated that if the ski resort ever shut down operations, then the equipment must all be removed, and the mountain returned to nature "as it was" before the resort opened. As such, the ski lifts and facilities have all been town down. The only trace remaining of this ski resort are the swaths cut through the trees where its courses once ran.

Now this space is utilized for hiking and backcountry skiing.

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