Yakushizan Ski Area

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Yakushizan Ski Area
Lift prices and operating hours

Yakushizan Ski Area (北秋田市営薬師山スキー場; Kitaakita Shiei Yakushizan Sukiijō) is a small ski hill operated by Kitaakita City.

This hill boasts two runs. Both runs can be accessed by a series of two rope-tows which bisect the hill.

The bottom half of the hill - serviced by the first rope-tow - is shallow, and serves as an ideal location to practice or teach technique. The top half - serviced by the second rope-tow - gets rapidly steeper, making it good for the advanced skier or boarder.

The entire east face of the hill is cleared of trees, making the runs luxuriously wide.

The availability of night skiing makes this hill a superb location to grab a few quick runs after work.

Hours and Prices


Daytime hours: 9:00 ~ 16:00
Nighttime hours: 18:00 ~ 21:00


One-time Lift Pass: ¥100
Half-day Lift Pass: ¥1000
Full-day Lift Pass: ¥1500
Night Skiing Lift Pass (ES / JHS): ¥400
Night Skiing Lift Pass (SHS / Adult): ¥800
Group Lift Pass: ¥600

Season Passes-

ES / JHS: ¥4000
SHS / Adult: ¥8000


Route 7 between Takanosu in Kitaakita and Futatsui in Noshiro. The mountain sits on the borderline between Kitaakita and Noshiro.

Address: 〒018-3343 秋田県北秋田市今泉字鳥越13-1
Phone: 0186-67-2152

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