Mount Taihei

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Mt. Taihei
Taiheizan, Akita, from Sensyū Park.jpg
Physical characteristics
Summit Height1,170 m
MunicipalitiesAkita City, Kamikoani
Location in Akita
Location in Akita

Mount Taihei (太平山;-zan) is a mountain located in central Akita. Mt. Taihei is 1,170m high and is shared by Akita City and Kamikoani. It is part of the same Ou Mountain Range as Mt. Kurikoma in the south.


Most people in Akita come to know Mt. Taihei as the mountain that dominates the skyline of Akita City. Although Chokai is visible on a clear day to the south, Taiheizan is the peak that most city-dwellers are familiar with. The mountain also lends its name to the (in this author's humble opinion) delicious Taiheizan sake.

The kami (spirit) of the mountain is enshrined in a rather lavish shrine in Akita city in hiromote. The kami is said to have been the lord of the Taihei area before ascending to godhood.

Climbing Mt. Taihei

One can reach the top of Mt. Taihei by first going to The Boon Amusement Park in Akita City. (Location) The trailhead is opposite the parking lot. The only difficult part of the trail is the first 5 minutes which takes you up a steep set of stairs. The rest of the trail is a long flat hike through the woods. This trail is populated with leeches which like to jump off leaves and wiggle their way onto your ankles. To avoid the leeches, climb Mt. Taihei after it has not rained for a few days.


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