Mount Akita Komagatake

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Mt. Akita Komagatake
Physical characteristics
Summit Height1,637 m
Location in Akita
Location in Akita

Mount Akita Komagatake (秋田駒ヶ岳) is an active volcano in Semboku, on the border of Akita and Iwate. At 1,637m, it the tallest mountain in Akita Prefecture (Mt. Chōkai is taller, but the peak sits in Yamagata).


Located at the southernmost tip of the Lake Towada-Hachimantai National Park, Akita Komagatake is one of 25 volcanoes that the Japan meteorological Agency lists on its eruption warning list. In September 1970, the Onna-dake section of the volcanic cone erupted, depositing lava on the southern section of the mountain peak.

From the peak, the mountain stretches north to Mount Nyuto and eventually Mount Hachimantai.

In the past it was forbidden for women to set foot upon the mountain. Well known for its flowers and alpine plants, Akita-Koma draws visitors from spring to fall.

Climbing Akita Komagatake

Akita-koma is opened for climbing every year starting June 1st.

The hachigome trailhead is located at 1300m above sea level, and is equipped with functioning toilets and a place to fill up your water bottles. There is no other place to fill up your bottles on the hike so definitely do so here. It should an hour at most to reach the peak from the trailhead, so if you are not in a hurry it is a good idea to check out the surrounding areas as well.

The path from the trailhead is lined with a wide variety of plants, and will eventually flatten out around a volcanic lake named Amida pond (阿弥陀池). On the far end of the lake is a hut where you can drop your gear and make the trip up to the peak which is called Mt. Oname(男女岳;-dake). From the highest point in the prefecture you can clearly see Lake Tazawa and the outlines of Mt. Chōkai and Mt. Iwate in the distance.

After you come back down to the hut you can choose to either head back down or continue exploring the mountain.

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