Mount Nyuto

Mt. Nyuto
Mount Nyuto.jpg
Physical characteristics
Summit Height1478 m
Location in Akita
Location in Akita

Mount Nyuto (乳頭山; -san) is a mountain located in Semboku. Mount Nyuto is the home of Akita's most famous of hot springs, Nyuto Onsen.


Mount Nyuto is named so because from the Akita side it supposedly resembles a nipple. Because of this reason, work filters will sometimes block you from looking up information on the mountain as adult material. From the Iwate side the mountain is said to resemble a traditional priest's hat, or eboshi (烏帽子), and is know as Mount Eboshi in that region. There are also two other smaller mountains in the prefecture named Mount Eboshi as well, one in Yuzawa, and one in Kosaka.

Climbing Nyuto

The easiest way to climb Nyuto would be to take the route from Kuroyu Onsen. Once parked at the onsen you should see a sign marking the beginning of the climbing trail (乳頭山登山道入口) which you can follow up to the peak. From the parking lot to the top should take roughly 2 hours. After you finish your long day's trek, relaxing in the local waters is highly recommended.

Because of the amount of bamboo shoots that can be found on her slopes, every year locals make the trek out to nyuto to pick some for themselves. So many people go to pick these shoots that there are signs scattered around the mountains designed to help lost bamboo pickers get back to the main trail.

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