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Akita Airport

Akita Airport (秋田空港)(IATA: AXT) is one of two main airports in Akita Prefecture, the other being Odate-Noshiro Airport. It's not big, but it might be your only option for flying elsewhere in Japan.


There are direct domestic flights to Tokyo, Osaka, Sapporo, Nagoya and Hakodate from Akita airport. It is possible to reserve a ticket as much as 2 months in advance. If you pay for your ticket more than 28 to 60 days in advance of your flight, you will receive a discount. There are also commuter tickets (kaisuken) available at slightly lower prices.

The international terminal formerly operated by Korean Air that provided direct flights to Seoul is currently closed. Akita Airport continues to operate chartered flights to Korea, Taiwan and China, but scheduled international flights must be reserved through a different international airport, such as Narita.

Flights can be booked online directly with carriers:

Tickets can be reserved online and paid for in cash at convenience stores around Akita.

Tip: You can accumulate reward points on loyalty cards with flight ticket purchases.


Akita Airport (秋田空港)
〒010-1211 秋田県秋田市雄和椿川字山籠49 (Location)
☎ 018-886-3366

To get to the airport, there is a "Limousine Bus" that departs from Akita Station to the airport. This bus also makes the following stops:

  • Kencho/Shiyakusho (Prefectural Hall/City Hall)
  • Kotsukosha (Transportation Company)
  • Kinouchi Depaato (Kinouchi Department Store)
  • Hokuto Bank
  • Oroshi Center
  • Shiei Jutaku
  • Niida Nakacho.

A schedule for that bus can be found here.


If you drive to the airport there is both covered and uncovered parking available. You may exit any time but must enter between the hours of 06:00-22:15. You can use the car parks for up to 20 days. Costs are very reasonable:

  • Indoor car park: 70 yen per hour, 720 yen per day, to a maximum of 2,880.
  • Carpark #1 & #2: 50 yen per hour, 510 yen per day, to a maximum of 2,060.
  • Carpark #3: 30 yen per hour, 310 yen per day, to a maximum of 1,230.

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