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Below are the course maps that have been used for the driving test at the Akita Driver and Vehicle Licensing Centre (秋田県免許センター; Akita-ken menkyo sentā). The day's course will be posted in the waiting room under the label 外国免許 ("foreign licenses"; gaikoku menkyo). The course will remain the same for the entire day, but will change from day to day. Maps on this page have been photographed by JETs. If you have a picture of another map, please update or email the admin!

Map board

The map board and waiting room look different as of the opening of the new License Center, but the course maps are still on display.

Foreigner map section


Practice loop


Current course maps

Maps in this section are as of the opening of the new (current) License Center building in 2024. The start location is indicated by the 発着点 (hatchakuten; "start/end location") at the bottom.

Map 1

Previous course maps


Maps in this section are temporary ones from the time period after construction began on the current License Center building but before the closure of the previous building (2022 to 2023). Note the start location in the lower right, in front of the old building.


Maps in this section are from the old course layout before construction began on the current License Center building (pre-2022). Note the expanded lower left section in the area where the current License Center stands.

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