Buying flights & travel agents

You have decided to take a trip either within Japan or abroad. How do you go about booking it? Where do you go? Who has the best deals?

Well, where you are living in Akita will determine where and with whom you will book your trip. If you are planning to travel abroad, HIS Travel is a great place to book your trip. There are a couple of agents that speak English there and are very friendly and willing to help you out. HIS Travel is located in Akita City beside the Akita Castle Hotel on the second floor. The phone number is (018)836-4831.

Another place you can go to book your trip is JTB. There are many JTBs around Akita Prefecture so you wouldn’t have to make a special trip to Akita City to book your trip. JTB is often found in towns or cities. Check to see if your town or city has one.

Also when planning your trip, you can access Lonely Planet to see what you can do and see in the destination of your choice. Many JETs have Lonely Planet guidebooks so ask around before going and buying one. Or you can check out the Lonely Planet Website.

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