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Example of a Roadside Station (Roadside Station - Takanosu)
The ubiquitous Roadside Station sign (Roadside Station - Karinosato Sennan)

Roadside Stations (道の駅; Michi no Eki) are a series of rest stops attached to major roadways throughout Japan. Akita Prefecture is home to 33 such stations.

Every station has an official name and an official nickname. The names are usually "道の駅" followed by the municipality's or area's name. The nicknames vary broadly, and often contain references to parts of local culture.

They are officially designated by the Japanese Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism (MLIT). They are designed to be places where motorists can relax on long journeys. They are also designed to be places where the local community can gather and buy/sell local produce.

Each Roadside Station has a unique stamp. If you purchase a stamp book and manage to fill it with enough stamps, you can submit it for prizes. Many motorists will go on "Stamp Rallies," where the sole purpose of their road trip is to visit as many Roadside Stations as possible.

As of November 17th, 2017, there are 1,134 registered Roadside Stations across all 47 prefectures of Japan.

The term "Roadside Station" (道の駅) purposefully contrasts with the term "Train Station" (鉄道の駅). Unlike train stations however, the "station" of Roadside Station rather is meant to indicate the traditional, Edo period post stations where travelers on horseback could rest.

Stamp Rally book

2023 edition

Tohoku Stamp Rally books are available for purchase for about ¥300 at any Roadside Station. These books contain information about every Roadside Station in Tohoku, which a slew of information including maps, coupons, locations, hours of operation, facilities and more.

The books update every year with new information and the new editions are available around April. If you collect stamps in your book from enough Roadside stations within a certain time frame, you can mail in your book and be eligible to receive prizes.

Previous editions


There are 33 Roadside Stations across the prefecture. They are numbered in the order they were designated by MLIT. The list below is organized alphabetically by municipality within each area, and does not reflect the official order.

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