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Numerous ferries operate up and down the east and west coasts of Japan. They are slow, cheap and an excellent way to get down to Kansai and up to Sapporo if you have the time.

Along the west coast, the main operator is Shin Nihonkai Ferry. Along the east coast, the main operator is Higashi Nihon Ferry.

You can also take ferries to Shanghai, Beijing, Taiwan, Korea and Russia, taking 2-3 days over the Japan Sea. Most leave from Osaka or Kobe and typically cost about 20,000円. Check here for more information.

Ferries to/from Akita (operated by Shin Nihonkai Ferry)

  • Akita – Tomakomai (near Sapporo on Hokkaido)
    • Leaves 7am Tuesday, Friday Saturday, Sunday. Arrives 17:20 same day.
    • 3,900 Yen (basic cabin)
  • Tomakomai – Akita
    • Leaves 17:20 - Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday
    • Arrives 7:50 - Next Day
      • 3,900 Yen (basic cabin)
  • Akita – Niigata – Tsuruga (near Osaka and Kyoto in Kansai)
    • Leaves Akita 9:00 - Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday, Sunday
    • Arrives Niigata 15:30 - Same Day
    • Arrives Tsuruga 4:30 - Next Day on Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday sailings only (Saturday and Tuesday sailings only go as far as Niigata).
      • 6,100 Yen (basic cabin)
  • Tsuruga – Niigata – Akita
    • Leaves Tsuruga 11:00 Monday, Thursday Friday
      • Arrives Niigata 22:40 same day
      • Arrives Akita 5:50 next day
    • 6,100 Yen (basic cabin)

You can book at JTB. The port is in Akita City, just next to Celion Tower. They have free unlimited-time parking. It is located across the street from the port office.


  • Bring a swimsuit if you want to use the outdoor hot tub. You can check/rent towels from the front desk.
  • If you reserved tickets, you need to fill out some paper work when you get to the ferry office. The line gets long so showing up early might help. You need your address and reservation number.

See also

  • Japan Guide There are numerous ferries that go all over Japan. This website describes the ferry systems for the entire country.
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