Test Course Elements

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Elements of the Practical Driving Exam Course in Akita City. Please feel free to upload your pictures if you have any.

Starting location


Test car

TestCarFront.jpg TestCarRear.jpg


S curve

CarSCurve1.jpg CarSCurve2.jpg

Width: 3.5 meters
Curve radius: 7.5 meters
Length: approximately 8.8 meters (arc length: 3/8ths of circumference)

L crank

(the new layout of the half-blind intersection visible in the background)
CarNewLcrank1.jpg CarNewLcrank2.jpg

Width: 3.5 meters
Entrance/exit section length: 4 meters
Center section length: 12 meters

Blind intersection

New - behind the L crank:

Parked car

ParkedCar2.jpg ParkedCar1.jpg

Railroad crossing

Note that the railroad crossing is not required on the foreign license conversion driving test.


Route Four


Winter differences

Some elements of the course may look different in the winter, so be aware that there may be some seasonal variation. Here are some examples.

Snow blocking one road:
(Course maps will avoid this road)
TestCourseSnow1.jpg TestCourseSnow2.jpg

Parked car:

2022 construction

Images of the new License Center building under construction (2022).
DrivingCourseConstruction1.jpg DrivingCourseConstruction2.jpg

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