Hinai Special Education School Takanosu

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The old Hinai Special Education School Logo - the 養 character stands for the school's old name, 比内養護学校 (Hinai Yōgo Gakkō)
Name Hinai Special Education School Takanosu
Name (Japanese) 秋田県立比内支援学校たかのす校
Location Takanosu, Kitaakita
Telephone ☎ 0186-66-2128
Fax 0186-60-2102
Website http://www.hinai-s-takanosu.akita-pref.ed.jp
Email ✉takanosu-s@akita-pref.ed.jp
Address (Japanese) 〒018-3452 秋田県北秋田市七日市字家向49の内

This is a school for special education students. It is a combined elementary, junior high and senior high school.

This school is a branch school of Hinai Special Education School in Odate.


On April 1, 2016 this school changed its name from 比内養護学校たかのす分校 (Hinai Yōgo Gakkō Takanosu Bunkō) to 比内支援学校たかのす校 (Hinai Shien Gakkō Takanosu Kō).

In 2020, the main Hinai Special Education School introduced their new logo. The logo is used by this school as well.


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School Song


作詞 武田 武雄
作曲 露木 次男


さくし たけだ たけお
さっきょく つゆぎ つぎお

Hinai Special Needs School Takanosu School Song

Words: Takeo Takeda
Composition: Tsugio Tsuyugi
Translation: R. Sean Corrigan

あしたを告げる 鳥の音に
みどりの松も 冴え冴えと
いのち清しく におうとき
みな健やかに 胸をはり
腕を組んで われらゆく

白雲かける 脊梁の
山脈遥か 望みつつ
いのち雄々しく たぎるとき
自立のこころ 励まして
腕を組んで われらゆく
あしたをつげる とりのねに
みどりのまつも さえざえと
いのちすがしく におうとき
みなすこやかに むねをはり
かいなをくんで われらゆく

しらくもかける せきりょうの
やまなみはるか のぞみつつ
いのちおおしく たぎるとき
じりつのこころ はげまして
かいなをくんで われらゆく
When the birds' song heralding tomorrow
And the crisp, green pines
Make your life refreshed with their scent,
Everyone, be healthy and puff out your chest
We go forth, arm in arm


When the white clouds graze the mountain range
As you gaze on yonder peaks
And you feel your life overflow with bravery,
Praise your independent spirit
We go forth, arm in arm

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