Akita Refresh Academy

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Akita Refresh Academy
Name Akita Refresh Academy
Name (Japanese) あきたリフレッシュ学園
Location Aikawa, Kitaakita
Telephone ☎ 0186-78-4180
Fax 0186-78-4091
Website http://www.kumagera.ne.jp/aikawat/index.html
Email ✉refresh@city.kitaakita.akita.jp
Address (Japanese) 〒018-4251 秋田県北秋田市鎌沢字石渕44
Address 44 Kamanosawa Aza-Ishibuchi, Kitaakita, Akita 〒018-4251

Akita Refresh Academy (あきたリフレッシュ学園; Akita Rifuresshu Gakuen) is an alternative school in Kitaakita.

This facility itself is named the Aikawa School Children Study Center (合川学童研修センター; Aikawa Gakudō Kenshū Sentā), out of which the Academy operates.


The Refresh Academy is an alternative school established to rehabilitate students from elementary schools and junior high schools across the country who find it difficult to maintain daily school attendance. The Academy provides a safe space for students to maintain a regulated schedule. Attendance at the Refresh Academy is counted towards attendance at a student's home institution.
The Academy is equipped to allow students to commute daily, or to stay overnight. Meals and other facilities are provided.

It is located in Aikawa next to Suiun Park. Originally it was jointly operated by Kitaakita City and Akita Prefecture; currently it is operated solely by the city.

Daily Schedule

6:30 Wake up
7:00 Morning walk
8:00 Breakfast / Cleaning
9:00 School studies*
11:45 Lunch / Cleaning
13:15 Activities**
16:45 Break
17:30 Dinner / Cleaning
18:30 Bath
22:00 Lights out

*Predominantly Japanese and Math, with other subjects as requested individually by students
**Activities vary by the day; students may feel free to make requests

Academy Song


作詞・作曲 加賀 隆寛


さくし・さっきょく かが たかひろ

Bonds with Friends

Words & Composition: Takahiro Kaga
(English Translation: R. Sean Corrigan)

翠雲の かぜさわやか
空青く 澄み渡る
明るく清く たくましく
友との絆 強くして
我が学舎の リフレッシュ学園

すいうんの かぜさわやか
そらあおく すみわたる
あかるくきよく たくましく
ともとのきずな つよくして
わがまなびやの りふれっしゅがくえん

The winds from Suiun Park are refreshing
The sky, blue, is so clear
Brightly, purely, robustly
Strengthen your bonds with friends
Our school - Refresh Academy


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