Takanosu Agricultural High School

Name Takanosu Agricultural High School
Name (Japanese) 秋田県立鷹巣農林高等学校
Location Kitaakita
Telephone ☎ 0186-62-0760
Fax 0186-82-1281
Website http://www.norin-h.akita-pref.ed.jp/
Address (Japanese) 〒018-3314 秋田県北秋田市伊勢町1-1

Takanosu Agricultural High School was founded in 1967.

This school merged with Takanosu High School, Yonaizawa High School and Aikawa High School in April 2011 to form Akita Hokuyō High School.

Akita Hokuyō was built on the site of this former school.

ALT History

Year Takanosu Agricultural High School
1987-2007 ?
2007-2008 Micheal Nakashima United States of America
2010-2011 Melissa Noad Canada

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