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The Aikawa ES Logo (as it appears on its school flag) - the character 小 for Aikawa ES; the point at the top represents Mt. Moriyoshi; the two chevrons joining under the character represent the joining of the Ani River and the Koani River; the horizontal bar along the bottom represents the fields of Aikawa.
Name Aikawa Elementary School
Name (Japanese) 合川小学校
Location Aikawa, Kitaakita
Telephone ☎ 0186-67-6120
Fax 0186-67-6075
Email ✉
Address (Japanese) 〒018-4282 秋田県北秋田市李岱字家向26番地1

Aikawa Elementary School opened its doors in April 2012 as the merger of Aikawa Nishi Elementary School (合川西小学校) and Aikawa Minami Elementary School (合川南小学校), using Aikawa Nishi ES's building. On April 2015, Aikawa's two other elementary schools, Aikawa Higashi Elementary School (合川東小学校) and Aikawa Kita Elementary School (合川北小学校), were absorbed into Aikawa Elementary School, coinciding with the opening of the new Aikawa ES building.

1983 Sea of Japan Earthquake

Shortly before noon on May 26th, 1983, 43 students and their teachers from Aikawa Minami Elementary School, who were on a field trip in Oga, were caught in the 1983 Sea of Japan Earthquake. Of these students, 13 lost their lives in the ensuing tsunami. A memorial stone to these students was erected at Aikawa Minami Elementary School, and a memorial service was held annually on the anniversary of the tsunami until that school shut its doors. The student body at this school continues the tradition of the annual memorial service at the memorial stone.

Merger/Naming History

Year Established
1956 2012 2014
Kamiōno ES
Aikawa Higashi ES
Aikawa ES
Shimoōno ES
Aikawa Kita ES
Ochiai ES
Aikawa Nishi ES
Aikawa ES
Shimokoani ES
Aikawa Minami ES

ALT History

Year Aikawa ES
2012-2013 Sean Corrigan United States of America/Canada
2014-2015 Maeleen Arce United States of America
2015-2016 Rebecca Chen United States of America
2017-2018 Aki Regan United States of America
2019-2020 Mariah Scholes United States of America

School Song


作詞:三浦 栄一
作曲:木村 孝明


さくし:みうら えいいち
さっきょく:きむら こうめい

Aikawa Elementary School Song

Words: Eiichi Miura
Composition: Komei Kimura
(Translation: R. Sean Corrigan)

新しい光が きらめく校舎
歌声高らかに 白津山越えて
大空にはばたこう 夢輝かせ
あたらしいひかりが きらめくこうしゃ
うたごえたからかに しろつさんこえて
おおぞらにはばたこう ゆめかがやかせ

A new light

our glittering school

Ringing voices in song

soar higher than Mt. Shirotsu

We build it with friends

a bountiful tomorrow

Spread your wings to the sky

let your dreams shine

阿仁川小阿仁川 出合うせせらぎ
わたる風爽やか のびる大野台
心に響くよ 愛の鐘の音
ふるさとに生きよう 勇気を胸に

あにがわこあにがわ であうせせらぎ
わたるかぜさわやか のびるおおのだい
こころにひびくよ あいのかねのね
ふるさとにいきよう ゆうきをむねに

The Ani River, the Koani River:

their murmuring streams meet

The winds are gentle

as they expand over Onodai

It resonates in our hearts:

the sound of love's bell

Let's live in our home

with courage in our breast

明るく健やかに 学び続ける
平和の道求め 強い絆で
思いを灯すよ 春夏秋冬
遙かな未来へと 合川小学校

遙かな未来へと 合川小学校
あかるくすこやかに まなびつづける
へいわのみちもとめ つよいきずなで
おもいをともすよ しゅんかしゅうとう
はるかなみらいへと あいかわしょうがっこう

はるかなみらいへと あいかわしょうがっこう

Bright and healthy

we continue our studies

We seek the path of peace

with strong bonds of friendship

Spark new ideas

all year round

To the distant future

Aikawa Elementary School

To the distant future

Aikawa Elementary School


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