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Kōchi (高知県;-ken) is a prefecture in the Shikoku region of Japan.

T-shirt festivals, Whale watching, Shikoku Karst. See them all in Kochi

  • Beach T-shirt Art Festival 砂浜美術館Tシャツアート展
    Ogata Town.(大方町) Takes place every year on the beach during the 5 days of Golden Week. This art exhibition gathers artwork from all over Japan and Mongolia, displys the art on white T-shirts, and displays them on giant laundry lines on the beach. Display runs in May on the Irino beach (入野浜) in Kouchi and in July on the Steppe in Mongolia, outside Ulaanbaatar.
    T-shirt Festival Main Page
  • Cape Ashizuri(足摺岬)
    This is probably the best known part of Ashizuri-Uwakai National Park (足摺宇和海国立公園). It is the southern most point of Shikoku and gives some gorgeous views of the Pacific ocean as well as the surrounding cliffs. Becareful though the roads up to the parking area can be a bit confusing. Its about a 30 minute walk from the parking area. The most popular site is the big white lighthouse.
    Slightly less popular is the hole to hell. Rather under whelming, as its only rough hole drilled into a rock thats about 6 inches deep. But since its on the way, you might as well take a peek.
See this ALT's Joy at going to Super Invaders
  • Cafe Super Invaders(スーパー・インベーダー )
    phone# 0880-22-3066
    open early
    Quite Possibly the best cafe ever. This cafe has the best decor I've ever seen, from original Pac-man and Space Invaders table machines, to various toys, collectables, and posters. In addition to this the food is great and priced reasonably. Top recommendation here is the "Max Power Set" Includes egg sandwich with sauce, salad, toast, soup and a drink for under 800yen. The owner is also a super guy.
  • Michi no eki Bios Ogata (道の駅ビオスおおがた)
    This road station is located right next to the ocean and is home not only to a whale center, but also a great little ice cream shop with such unique flavors as Okinawa Black Sugar, Guava, Salt, and Dobburoku (homemade sake, be careful... we're not sure if this contains alcohol or not). Located just down the road from the T-shirt festival. 
  • Michi no eki Sukumo (道の駅宿毛)
    This road station is one of a kind. It has a nice open park area, a few nice shops, a museum of some kind, a plethora of cats, and decent enough bathrooms.
    Top 3 points are the following. 1. its on the ocean 2. They are totally cool with camping 3. Karaoke bar (both beer and mixed drinks available) that was open until 2a.m. the mama will even make yakisoba on demand. 100yen per song.

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