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Tochigi (栃木県; -ken) is a prefecture in the Kanto region of Japan.


The temples and shrines of nikko park are an UNESCO world heritage site, and are located in Nikko city in the north of Tochigi. They consist of 4 main structures and several smaller satellite structures. You can buy a basic combination ticket for all 4 of the main structures but there are some parts which cost a bit more.

  • Toshogu 東照宮 Burial place of Tokugawa Ieyasu
  • Rinnoji 輪王寺 Most important temple in Nikko
  • Yakushido 薬師堂 A monk claps wooden blocks together to create the sound of a crying dragon.
  • Futarasan 二荒山神社 leads to the sacred bridge

One can also find Lake Chuzenji as well as the Kegon Waterfalls which are fed by the waters of the lake.

There are also many famous onsens in this area, the oldest and most famous being Yumoto Onsen.


Small town known for grapes, but holds a secret surprise...

  • Skydive FujiokaTandem skydives run about ¥27,000. Pictures and/or video will cost more. The staff is friendly and accommodating, there is a little bit of English, but not much. They will take you up 4000 meters in a helicopter then free fall for 50 seconds followed by a parachute descent. Call for reservations.

Nasu Kogen

Beautiful Highland area with lots to offer, however it can get very crowded and touristy.

There are many attractions which include a theme park with roller coasters and similar rides, a monkey park, a teddy bear museum, a 3D Dinosaur Outer Space show, and more like that.

One can also visit the emperor's summer home, which serves as a museum. There are plenty of interesting shops and restaurants, as one would expect with a tourist area. However one can also find some good camping and onsens.

There are at least 2 onsen villages here, the best being the Nasu Yumoto onsen village. It's located in the middle of a wetland area and provides a hiking trail over the wetland as well as some good onsens.

Nasu Kogen is very proud of its local produce and meats, so you will see a lot of signs for various fruits, vegetables, pork products, eggs, and so on. All of them are delicious and cheap... so buy some.

Hemp Museum

  • Taima Hakubutsukan (大麻博物館)
    A museum dedicated to promoting the history of cannabis in Japan. Address: 栃木県那須郡那須町大字高久乙1−5. Open Mon - Wed: 10:00-18:00 and Fri - Sun: 10:00-18:00. Japan Times article. Facebook page.

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