Yashima Elementary School

Yashima Elementary Logo
Name Yashima Elementary School
Name (Japanese) 矢島小学校
Location Yashima, Yurihonjō
Telephone ☎ 0184-56-2069
Fax 0184-55-2721
Website http://www.city.yurihonjo.akita.jp/edu/yashima-es/index.html
Email ✉yashima.est@ybnet.jp
Address (Japanese) 〒015ー0411 秋田県由利本荘市矢島町城内字八森6番地
Address Hachimori 6, Jonai, Yashima
Yurihonjo, Akita 015-0411


Year Students ALT
2016-2017 168 Kathryn Ross United States of America
2016-2017 176
2015-2016 186
2014-2015 202
2013-2014 199 Christina United States of America
2012-2013 208 Gavin
2011-2012 212 Amanda Spiegel
2010-2011 220
2008-2009 Philip Cooke


School Song

Yashima Elementary School Song

English Version by Amanda Spiegel

1. Greenest mountains, clear blue sky
Singing birds soaring high
In Yashima's castle of knowledge on the hill
Together we are strong in mind and will

2. To the east the Koyoshi River flows
Mount Yashio's maples shade it as it goes
The water's surface reflects our desire
To improve, perfect, and rise higher

3. And to the south stands Mount Chokai
By day or night, rising white and high
In its shade, our dreams rest there
Dreams we invite you to come and share

4. We are Yashima Elementary
Filled with hope and light, are we
By learning and honoring our traditions
We will become good world citizens

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