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The Akita Wiki is a community project that is possible only because of everyone's contributions. If you have an account, feel free to make any edit that you see necessary. All old versions of the wiki are automatically saved so there is no fear of screwing anything up. Don't worry about matching existing formatting either; new content is infinitely more valuable than well put together old stale stuff. If you want to see how an edit to a page will look before you actually submit it, you can press the "Show preview" button on the edit screen, or mess around over on the Sandbox page. So go ahead, edit and upload attachment to your heart's content!

Quick Start


If you wish to add a map to a page, create the code with the MapEditor and then copy and paste it into your page. Further info can be found here.


Want to help out with the wiki but don't know where to start? Try working on some of the projects listed below that other editors have requested help with!

  • Copy elementary activities from the File:Dear Successor...pdf into the wiki.
  • Organize! Starting with categorizing all activities.
  • Finding good pictures for all municipalities in the prefecture. Currently only Akita City and Ōdate have decent photos, with the rest occupied by iffy pictures of city/village/town halls. If you got em, please upload em!
  • Writing good articles about Akita's prominent geographical features. Akita has a lot of natural history, and most of it hasn't been translated into English yet. Currently looking for help updating and creating pages about prominent lakes and mountains in Akita.

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