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My Number (Individual Number)

This is a number assigned to you by the government for the city in which you live. It does not change and you do not have to reapply for a My Number.

What is a My Number card?

A plastic card with your name, address, date of birth, sex, My Number (the Individual Number), and your photograph. The card also has an IC chip, making it useful for a variety of services. The card can be used as proof of your identity, but cannot be used in place of your residence card. It can also used for various applications and public services.

Please note that, while your My Number never expires, your My Number card is only valid until the end date of your visa. If you renew your visa, you will have to apply for a new My Number card. You also must be cautious of moving from one city to another, as you may need to visit the city offices to update you address and register for a new card in your new city.

Uses for the My Number card

The My Number card has a variety of uses:

  • Used to verify identity whenever My Number is necessary
  • Can be used as an official identification card for identity verification (But may not be used in place of a Residence card!)
  • Identification for online applications for various administrative procedures
  • Can be used to register your hanko, or used as a library card, a health insurance card, or a multi-purpose card for a wide range of public services (*)
  • Used for various online transactions (i.e. online banking and bank transfers)
  • It is also possible to use a My Number card to get certified copies of official documents which you may need for a variety of reasons. These certifications can occasionally be obtained at conbinis after presenting a My Number card. (*)

(*)Services are different for each municipality, please contact your local municipal office for more details.

Applying for a My Number card

Before applying for a My Number card, first speak with your school, contracting organization or Board of Education. They may already have a My Number card for you, which they keep on file in their office.

See Also

  • My Number Official Page The official English website with explanations for My Number card functions and application procedures
  • My Number Application Form A copy of the physical application form in English, which can be used to apply for your My Number card.