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Omonogawa (雄物川) is a district in Yokote City, Akita, Japan. There are no chain restaurants and many wonderful locally owned shops. Be sure to walk down to Riverside Park to take a look at the kawa from where this town got its name. It's gorgeous.

Notable Sites

Victor Starffin's tomb - With just a 6 minute walk from Omonogawa Elementary School, you can visit the tomb of professional baseball player, Victory Starffin. Starffin was the first professional pitcher in Japan to win 300 games. His actual burial place is Tama Cemetery in Tokyo, however this baseball-shaped tombstone was erected by his daughter Natasha on the 33rd anniversary of his death. If you're into strolling through Japanese cemeteries for some peace and quiet, stop by Sonenji Temple and take a look at the beautifully carved stone!


  • Yellow Restaurant- it's located across from the smaller park (not the riverside park), catycorner from the used car lot. It's yellow. Good spaghetti and meat sauce and gratin. Actually all of their food is awesome.
  • Timely/ Communication Space- it's a short walk from the BOE. They have lots of delicious favorites.
  • Yakisobayasan- located on Main Street across an alley from the pharmacy. It's a newer gray restaurant. They serve delicious yakisoba at great prices.
  • Yuki yakitoriyasan- Next to Cho Colon/ Florence. They have yakitori and soba and beer.
  • Izakaya in Florence- It's in the same building as Florence. The owner is very friendly to JET's and will usually give you a free dish and drink on your first visit. I suggest the gobo chips.
  • Ramen shop- On Main Street, sort of across from the kakigori shop.
  • Kakigori shop- Also on Main Street. Look for the gas station and the 100yen jido hanbaiki. Owned by a cute obachan and her younger sister. They love ALT's and have ALT's signatures going back generations. She will probably take your picture.
  • Sobayasan- This is on the road that goes from the post office to Main Street. They have soba.


Elementary School

Junior High School
※There was a Omonogawa HS, but it merged into Yokote Meihō Junior High School in April 2012.

Senior High School

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