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ALT History

This pertains to all junior high schools and, especially, elementary schools in Kitaakita, not just Takanosu JHS.

Sometimes ALTs change with the ALT year (starting in August), and sometimes they change with the Japanese school year (starting in April). The dates listed here are intended to be ALT year. The ALT(s) at the school as of the start of the ALT year is/are the ALT(s) listed.

It has never been the case in Kitaakita that a school has changed ALTs in April and then subsequently changed ALTs again in August of the same year. As such ALTs who moved to new schools in April are listed as having started in the following year. Or in other words, an ALT's name on this list indicates that that ALT started working at that school either in April or in August of the listed year. --SeanC (talk) 11:59, 24 March 2017 (JST)