The Big Dipper

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New Horizon Book 2 (S59)

The Big Dipper
Word count316
BookNew Horizon
The Big Dipper

Long, long ago a little girl lived with her mother near the woods. One summer night the girl's mother was sick. It was a very hot night.
"I can't go to sleep," she said. "I'm very thirsty. I want to drink some water."
"All right, Mother," said the girl.
She went out to the well, but there was no water in it.

"There's no water in the well, Mother," said the little girl. "So I'm going to go to the spring in the woods."
"Are you going to go that far, my dear child?" said her mother.
"Yes, Mother," said the girl.
With an old dipper in her hand she went into the woods. It was very dark, and at first she could not find the spring. But at last she found it, and filled the dipper with water. Then she began to walk home.

The girl walked for some time, and saw a little dog. It was crying.
"Don't cry, little dog," she said. "Have a drink."
The dog drank some water, and went away.
When she began to walk again, it was not as dark as before. Her old dipper was shining like the moon.
Next she saw an old man. He asked for a drink of water.
"This water is for my sick mother," she said, "but please have a drink."
He drank, thanked her, and walked away.

Now her dipper was shining like the sun, and soon she got home.
The girl's mother drank and drank.
"Thank you," she said. "I'm much better. Now I can go to sleep."
Then there was no dipper in the girl's hand.
When they looked around, they saw seven diamonds on the floor.
The diamonds flew quickly out of the window — up, up, up into the sky. There they turned into seven bright stars.
We can still see these stars, the Big Dipper, in the sky.

Official translation

Taken from the New Horizon's teachers manual.





わたしたちは今でもこの星,北斗七星 ( 大ひしゃく ) を空に見ることができます。

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