The Golden Dipper

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One World English Course 1 (2021) pg. 122-125

The Golden Dipper
Word count232
BookOne World

Long, long ago, there was a severe drought. Rivers, streams, and wells dried out, and many people and animals died of thirst. One night, a little girl came out of her house with a small dipper. She looked for water for her sick mother, but didn't find water anywhere. She got tired and fell asleep on the grass.

The girl woke up and was very surprised. The dipper was full of clean, fresh water. She got excited, but she didn't drink the water. "It won't be enough for my mother," she thought.
There was a little dog under her feet, and it looked pitiful. The girl poured some water in her hand and gave it to the dog. Then her little dipper became silver.

The girl brought the dipper home and handed it to her mother. The mother said, "I am going to die anyway. You'd better drink it yourself." She gave the dipper back to the girl. At the same time, the silver dipper became golden.
The girl thought, "I can finally have a sip." Suddenly a stranger came in and asked for some water. The girl swallowed her saliva and offered the dipper to the stranger.

Suddenly, on the small dipper, seven huge diamonds appeared, and a stream of clean, fresh water ran out of it.
Then, the seven diamonds rose up to the sky and became the Big Dipper.

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