The Wolf and the Fox

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New Horizon Book 3 (S46) pg. 17-21

The Wolf and the Fox
Word count401
BookNew Horizon

One day a hungry wolf was looking for something to eat. He walked around in the woods and got quite tired. Then he met a fox with a big hen in its mouth. He was so hungry that he wanted that hen. He said to the fox, "Give me half of that hen."
"I'm sorry I can't," said the fox. "But if you come with me, you'll find a lot of hens."
The fox took him to a big henhouse. In front of the henhouse the fox said, "The door isn't locked. You can go in."

The wolf ran into the henhouse. The hens ran around and made much noise. The farmer heard the noise, and came running. The wolf turned and ran to the door. But the door was locked! He did not know what to do. The farmer came in with a stick. He beat the wolf hard before he could get away. The wolf ran away into the woods. He felt so much pain that he could hardly stand up.
"I'll never forget this," he said to himself.

A few days later, when the fox met the angry wolf, he said, "I'm very sorry, Mr. Wolf. I'll show you a good way to get a lot of meat."
"What is it?" asked the wolf.
"A farmer is coming here in a cart tomorrow. He has a lot of eggs and meat to sell at the market. So, just lie down here. Don't move. The farmer will think you're dead. He'll put you in the cart and take you to the market to sell your skin. Then you can eat the meat in the cart. And you can get off before you get to the market."

The next day the wolf lay down in the road. Soon the farmer came along, and saw the wolf. "Well, well!" said the farmer. "A wolf is lying in the road. I think it's dead. I'll take it to the market and sell its skin."
He stopped the cart. But before he got off, he thought again. "Is it really dead? I must find out."
The farmer suddenly started the cart. It ran over the wolf. The poor wolf was not killed, but his foot was badly injured. The fox laughed at the injured wolf. The wolf got angry and tried to catch the laughing fox. But he could not run fast enough.


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