Yuzawa Kita Junior High School

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One of the biggest JHS in Yuzawa, with approx. 330 students. Kita is known for their boys basketball and girls handball teams. Their school building is shared with Higashi ES and was built in 2011.

Name Yuzawa Kita Junior High School
Name (Japanese) 湯沢北中学校
Location Sugisawaaratokoro, Yuzawa
Telephone ☎ 0183-72-5127
Fax 0183-72-5128
Website http://www.yutopia.or.jp/~kitachu/
Email ✉ykitajhs@city-yuzawa.jp
Address (Japanese) 〒012-0803 秋田県湯沢市杉沢新所八斗場33

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