Akita Orientation 2021

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2021 Akita Orientation was designed as a "rolling orientation" to provide for the different waves of new JETs coming to Akita throughout the year an orientation experience and resources to consult prior to and after their arrival in the prefecture.


A Google Classroom was set up for incoming JETs to use. This classroom contained video presentations on the many types of discussions and workshops that Akita Orientation had done prior to the COVID-19 pandemic. A link to the classroom was provided to all new JETs. If you are interested in viewing the materials, please email the PA team at akitamailinglist@gmail.com

Workshops / Videos / Presentations

The following is a list of videos and presentation materials provided in the Orientation Classroom:

  • PA Contact Information and the 2021 Orientation Handbook
  • Introductory Videos for each of the four blocks
  • Unfamiliar Language - A Guest Presentation
  • Akita Wiki Tour
  • Laws and Safety
  • Preparing for Winter
  • Distaster Preparedness
  • COVID in Akita
  • Working as an ALT
  • AIA Introduction
  • Akita Tourism
  • Akita Communities Discord

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