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2022 Akita Orientation was designed as a "rolling orientation" to provide for the different waves of new JETs coming to Akita throughout the year an orientation experience and resources to consult prior to and after their arrival in the prefecture.


A Google Classroom was set up for incoming JETs to use. This classroom contained video presentations on the many types of discussions and workshops that Akita Orientation had done prior to the COVID-19 pandemic. A link to the classroom was provided to all new JETs. If you are interested in viewing the materials, please email the PA team at akitamailinglist@gmail.com

Workshops / Videos / Presentations

The following is a list of videos and presentation materials provided in the Orientation Classroom:

① Introduction to the Akita JET Program

Presenter: Alex Hennen (CIR-PA)

Description: Welcome everyone near and far, today we start your journey with an explanation on how the Akita JET program is structured as well as the different support systems, institutions and resources in place for JETs working in Akita prefecture!

Videos and Presentations:

2022 Introduction to the Akita JET Program

② Working as an ALT

Responsibilities of an ES/JHS ALT

Presenters: Melany Yuin (Southern BA), Suriya Ratnam (Southern PA), June Kim (Northern PA)

Description: Elementary schools and junior high schools vary widely in the kinds of expectations and the amount of workload. This presentation tackles how to go through your daily responsibilities as an ALT in both situations, key differences, and the opportunities found in each.

Videos and Presentations:

The Fundamentals of Being An Elementary School ALT


Responsibilities of an SHS ALT

Presenter: Stephen Fischer (SHS PA)

Description: Are you curious about what you will be doing at your assigned school and what you can do at your school? In this segment, SHS ALTs will be introduced to the average daily life at a Japanese Senior Highschool and what is expected of them.

Videos and Presentations:


③ Laws and Safety in Japan

Presenter: Majesty Zander (Central PA)

Description: A (quick and painless?) introduction to Japan's laws, regulations, and general safety tips! Please try to prepare a separate device (cellphone, tablet, etc.) for this session.

Videos and Presentations:

Let's Laws and Safety!

④ Akita Prefecture Introduction & Tourism Information

Presenter: Akita Tourism Federation

Description: Learn about all the great travel destinations Akita has to offer you!

Videos and Presentations:

Akita Tourism Federation Tourist Attractions in Akita

⑤ Natural Disaster Preparedness

Presenter: Alex Hennen

Description: Learn about various types of disasters and how to prepare for them so you can stay safe! Covers topics including typhoons, earthquakes, bear attacks, missile attacks, and blizzards.

Videos and Presentations: Disaster Presentation Orientation

⑥ Taking Care of Your Health

Women's Health in Akita

Presenter: Majesty Zander (Central PA), Erica White (Central BA)

Description: A general introduction to women's health in Akita, Japan.

Videos and Presentations:

Women's Health

Men's Health in Akita

Presenter: Stephen Fischer (SHS PA), June Kim (Northern PA)

Description: OK, let's be real here; we know how to take care of ourselves right...right...? Ok, maybe not...

Living in Japan is not exactly the same as living back in your Home country. click the link below to learn more about maintaining health and Hygiene while living abroad in Japan.

Videos and Presentations:

Men's Health

⑦ Closing Ceremony

Presenter: Chris Scrafford (YuriHonjo PA)

Description: You finally made it to the end. Now let us begin your Journey as a New and more informed ALT/CIR! Also, If anyone's interested, here are the English Camp and Fun Writing websites!

Sign-up for Fun Writing Term 2 is currently open, and EC will reopen in March : )



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